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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 2011 Ginter Code - Card #250 Ichiro

I'm spoiling my next box break post but there is no way I'm going to finish writing that one tonight and I wanted to get something up on the blog before I passed out from exhaustion. Besides, this here is a big EFF EWE to all the greedy gus eBay sellers slapping Post-it notes on their code cards and berating their potential customers for wanting to freeload images of their hard earned codes. Here's a free code for my fellow freeloaders.

#250 Ichiro

As you can see, a 2011 Ginter Code card is a base card with some squirrelly designs on the corners that can be put together with other Code cards to make little four-leaf clover designs. What this has to do with anything, who the hell knows. If you're really really interested in this thing, The Topps Archives Blog have a Ginter Code Cheatsheet up. Anyone compiling code images may freely swipe, steal, borrow, pilfer, purloin, filch, gank, abscond, share or yoink this image for your compilation. There's also an official Ginter Code Twitter twooter up, which so far reminds me of that Chieftan Mews character that was posting around the time Radiohead's The King Of Limbs was released. Just, you know, less helpful. Here's a scan of the back because all the crooked sellers refuse to show the back BECAUSE ZOMG THERE'S A CODE!!! AND YOU FREELOADERS ARE TAKING MONEYZ RIGHT OUT OF MY POOR CHRILDENS POCKETS BY STEALING IMAGES OF MAH CARDS WITH YOUR EYEBALLS YOU BUY NOW NO MONEY NO LOOKEE NO COMBINED SHIPPING NO REFUNDS

Yeah, There's a whole lotta nothin on the back. There is a code however: the same Topps Card Code that they have put on the back of every single card they've printed the past couple of years. EBay sellers? Deceptive? Couldn't be. I have a handful of these and as I pull them I'll post them free of charge. Us freeloaders gotta stick together.


Commishbob said...

I got three code things in my Gint-A-Cuff box. They can be seen for free on this G-A-C page I have for the contest.

I have absolutely no clue as to what the code thing is all about but opening my A&G box was fun. I hadn't bought a box of cards in close to thirty years.

Scott Crawford said...

Good for you, dayf. I've got the Neftali Feliz code card here, too, folks!

Nothing like people who've done nothing for nobody actin' like the world owes them a livin', eh?

Mets88 said...

I want that card!

Anonymous said...

I just put 53 of these code cards up for sale if you're looking for any.