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Monday, July 25, 2011

Allen & Ginter FrankenSet Hopefuls

If you're hoping for some real posts on this blog anytime soon you're pretty much out of luck. My Ginter box was a dud and I don't really feel like putting the work in to posting it. I'm also just not in the mood to make jokes about baseball cards after the spate of recent news events. Even following the Braves is frustrating because every time I try to watch, listen or read about them it's all Trade Deadline All the Time and I'm kind of tired of hearing how if we don't get another bat immediately, US Treasury Bills will become worthless and the global economy will collapse. Or something. I may be mixing up my manufactured crises. My hobbies aren't distracting me from the horror and ennui of life anymore so I've had to bunker down in the sweet embrace of apathy to make it through the day.

I do still like my A&G FrankenSet though and I am glad I have some new cards to help fill the thing up. Here's a pile of 12 minis from a blaster and a stack of looseys. Let's see who makes the grade, eh?

 #327 David DeJesus SP

Short prints are always good for filling the set. Well, unless they are journeyman platoon players.

Did The Jesus make the Frankenset? - YES. 2008 AJ Peirzynksnzkslnvkzksnzkxkskzsi gets the boot.

 #253 Mike Minor A&G

Ten days from now Minor will be pitching in another organization's rotation after Wren makes a panic move to bring Rick Ankiel Part 2: The Strikeoutening aboard to bolster an anemic lineup. That bat will be gone by next year and all the fans screaming bloody murder that the Braves HAVE to make a move RIGHT NOW will instead bitch and moan unceasingly about how we gave up a quality lefthander for a plate of magic beans.

Did TradeBait make the Frankenset? - NO. Blocked in the Braves organization by Brandon Beachy, blocked in the FrankenSet by a 2006 Ian Kinsler RC.

#19 Daniel Bard A&G

Offcenter toward the bottom on the front, offcenter toward the top on the back. How does that happen in 2011?

Did Pitching Shakespeare make the Frankenset? - NO. There are a handful of untouchable cards in the set and the 2008 Albert Einstein is one of them.

 #285 Alex Rios Black Border

Is Rios playing worth a damn over in Chitown? I haven't been paying attention. 

Did Waiver Wire make the Frankenset? - YES. A 2008 Brandon Phillips got bumped and I'm not too happy about it. Stupid Composition Book border..

#74 Torii Hunter

Torii knows his cardboard greatness peaked in 2007 and he is stoically resigned to this fact. 

Did :O make the Frankenset? - YES. He shoves out a 2007 mini of Ervin Santana.

#231 CJ Wilson A&G

Isn't he the guy who threw the meatball to Princess Fielder in the All-Star Game?. Shoulda walked him and pitched to McCann. He hasn't done much in the All-Star game with the bases loaded.

Did Gopher Ball make the Frankenset? - NO. Even though it's Tadahito Iguchi, I can't replace a 2006 mini unless the card is a slam dunk keeper.

#304 Madison Bumgarner SP

I remember the good ol' days when Madison's dad flipped his shit over a Wax Heaven. Oh sweet memories...

Did the Bum make the Frankenset? - NO. 2008 Victor Hugo makes Bumgarner More Miserables.

#72 Maxim Shmyrev

Ping Pong players? In my Frankenset? It's more likely than you think...

Did Table Tennis make the Frankenset? - YES. Empty slot in the binder. But Brandon Phillips is out in the cold. There is no justice.

#109 Martin Prado

Dagnabbit if ping pong players make the cut Marteeeeeeeeeen damn well better make it in.

Did Marteeeeen make the Frankenset? - YEEEEEEEEEEES! Empty slot in the binder! COMPLETED PAGE! MARTEEEEEEEEEEEEEN

#208 Marco Scutaro A&G

Are Red Sox fans bitching about Scutaro? They can't possibly be bitching about him as much as much as Braves fans bitch about Alex Gonzalez. WHO JUST STRUCK OUT WITH THE BASES LOADED FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Did Scooty Poots make the Frankenset? - YES. Three straight empty slots in the binder. I'm on a roll!

#342 Mike Pelfrey SP

woohoo a met. im thrilled

Did im too lazy to think of a witty nickname make the Frankenset? - NO. 2006 Stonewall Jackson, um, Stonewalls him. meh.

#340 Ryan Zimmerman SP

Oddly enough, this and the Pelfrey were in the same pack. Must be the missing mini from my box. How did it get into a Target loosey?.

Did Invader Zim make the Frankenset? - YES. In another move I didn't want to make, 2008 Carl Crawford gets bumped. There were already four other 2008 cards on the page so Zim squeezed in as the 2011 representative.

Out of 12 cards, 7 made it in the binder and Brandon Phillips and Carl Crawford get screwed while a Ping Pong player is added to the set. Not too bad a ratio. I'm done scanning for the night so maybe you'll get to see that completed page tomorrow if I don't succumb to apathy in the meantime.


Thorzul said...

I want to see the Frankenset, I really do.
Do you trust me enough to send it to me to inspect and then quickly send back?

Heh, I thought not.

And don't let that "politics slop" get you down. Just go into every encounter fully realizing that every politician is always lying. That way, you can be pleasantly surprised once in a while.

Captain Canuck said...

I do NOT want the Braves to make a move... just stand pat and let it roll....

...unless it means Sea Bass is out on his fat a$$. Then that's fine.

but that's it!

deal said...

Frankenset rocks. If it me - all the 2008s get bumped - except Einstein - maybe RCs. 2008 is A&G at it's dullest.

Cardsplitter said...

Your no Chris Berman. Bats in my Pelfrey...

I pulled that same DeJesus, the only non-gimmick mini in my blaster. He made it in mine, too.

Cardsplitter said...

Jebus. You're. Sorry.

(chris berman is a douche)

TJ said...

The Frankenset is one of the best ideas ever. I never buy more than a few packs of baseball cards from each year anyway, why not just keep the best from each year? Love it.

Mad Guru said...

Pitching Shakespeare is a great nickname. I hope it catches on.