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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ok, so maybe Goodwin is not for you. Unlicensed set, lots of weird stuff in there, you could open 10 packs and not get a single baseball player easy.


If you like the 2009 set, you're gonna like this set.

Plus: Professor Maddux.

Class is in session.


Ryan G said...

Card sets 100 years ago were unlicensed, with lots of weird stuff, and you could open 10 cigarette packs and not get a single baseball player easy.

Goodwin Champions is an excellent example of how good an unlicensed set could be. Now, if only they could get some current players in there (out of uniform, fine).

ThingsareFunnerHere said...

I am a fan! I have a link on my page where I'm chasing the 2009 base set. I happen to really like the cards...I'll be ripping some packs for sure.

madding said...

This is so awful. If I were Maddux, I would seriously want to punch somebody right now. They may as well just create some portraits of former players turned broadcasters filling their tanks with gas at the local Gas-A-Lot.

Anonymous said...

I would by madding's Gas-A-Lot set. Hawk and Stone Pony FTW.