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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Joy of an Incomplete Page

You guys voted in the poll over to the right and managed to pick out some pretty good sets to work on. I'm guessing there's a lot of 1971 Topps fans out there, or at least a bunch of people collecting it with a bunch of doubles.The '63 set is also nice, I'm looking forward to 2012 Heritage. The series binder is maxed out at five sets now, here's a mostly completed page from each:

This page is technically complete since I have Joe Adcock in my Braves team set binder. I would have posted a different page had I realized that sooner.

The '63 set ain't gonna be easy. This page is missing Pedro Ramos and the Buc Blasters combo card - featuring some guy named Clemente.

Tony Gonzalez is the last card for this page. This series shouldn't be too hard to knock out if I put some effort into it. The only stars left besides the league leaders cards are Robin Roberts, Jim Kaat and Frank Howard.

The dreaded Thurman Munson Series... 132 cards and stars out the buttocks. This page is easily completeable with Ron Klimkowski however.

Ok, this is only one of two sheets in my 1972 Topps series 1 set that is actually missing a card. It's a doozy though. I just checked online and I can complete this series for under ten bucks. Why the hell am I buying new wax again!?!?

So what do you think? I've got one completed series under my belt, how many more can I do by the end of the year?


Captain Canuck said...

you mean try to complete before you get distracted by something shiny??

like Goodwin? or Ginter?

dayf said...



(there was a reason I chose my particular blog name)

Oh - and did the postal strikers ever deliver your stuff?