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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Something neat while you're waiting for the Ginter onslaught

I already got scooped by a Dimwit and a Nacho on posting the first Ginter box. Probably a couple other bloggers too. And every case breaking card forum on the planet. While I am peeved that in today's high pressure blogging world I am no longer the first to do anything, now I can settle down and relax while I dissect my own box. AND DISSECT I SHALL.

It takes time to rip and scan and copy and crop and upload and type and edit and jape and mock and denigrate and outright libel a new product though, so you'll probably be seeing my first box break post sometime tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here's a nifty little item I got at the local card shop (LCS sounds too much like a bureaucratic agency)(or a disease) whilst I spent twice as much money on a box of new product as a 1953 Yogi Berra card would have cost at the last vintage show.

This is some kind of redemption program I think? I honestly can't be arsed to look it up right now. Some kind of crossover between Topps and the MLB Channel's Prime 9 series. The poster looks neat at any rate.  If the middle of the poster looks odd, it's because I had to scan each half because the thing is too big for my scanner and MSPaint the two halves back together. Clicky to get biggy.

I'm going back tomorrow to pick up a couple of things so I might snag another one just to cut out the cards and pretend I'm an elite collector with all the cool cards. Gotta like Hank right in the middle. I don't see no Bonds out in left field!


hiflew said...

Derek Jeter as the best shortstop f all time? He is not even the ALL TIME best shortstop on his current team. Ichiro and Mantle over Clemente, Ruth, Gwynn, Musial? I got #'s 2 & 3 and I hope those aren't shown in order of release. I wouldn't mind the Aaron and Schmidt though.

Trey J. said...

I would hope the week's number would be associated with their position like they do on the Prime 9 show. So Koufax would be first and so on. If they're smart they'd do it that way but who knows?

Don said...

Surely this is not Topps' 9 best players at each position in the last 60 years. If it is I wonder what their story is for putting Jeter in the set over Ripken, other than to get more Yankees in the set.

Anonymous said...

I have never traded with you before, but I would love one of these posters. How can I contact you about it?

dayf said...

e-mail is in my profile over on the right. I'll see if I can snag another one today.