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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Instant Karma

I recently received a package of football cards from Jack Plumstead at The Pursuit of 80'sness. I had offered a hostage exchange program between our two shores. He send me some World Cup Cards and I'll fly over some baseball goodies. I'm hoping to video the cards he sent, but I haven't had the time to work the kinks out of my new setup yet. In the meantime, I went over to Target to a) look for a Goodwin blaster and b) pick up some packs to send to Jolly ol' England. I found plenty of Goodwin - 2009 Goodwin. Having failed in that, I picked up a rack of Gypsy Queen, a hanger of Topps 2 and a few random packs. I split the rack and hanger between Jack and myself. Out of one of the packs of Gypsy Queen came this:

This is one of those shiny Bronze framed cards numbered to 999. I am going to send this over with the packs so I blocked out the name and number. You know, so it can be a surprise. This was good for Jack. The next card was good for me:

Omar Infante short print. Wait - that's a really short print. #01/10? PALINDROME-JO! Here's the front.

Awwww yeah. stamp card in a retail rack. I've done better with retail Gypsy than I ever would dropping 150 bones on a hobby box. Just think, I never would have bought it had I not been looking for packs for Jack. And no, I'm not going to tell you the one store in Georgia that still has Gypsy Queen racks and blasters. Not gonna be that altruistic.


night owl said...

I found a whole box of loose packs of Gypsy Queen packed to the brim at a Target in Buffalo last weekend. Almost fell over. Bought two packs even though all I care about are the parallels. Didn't get squat. That'll show me.

Play at the Plate said...

I finally found one blaster, but that's all I ever saw. Nice going on the retail hit...that's GOOD instant karma.

Katelyn said...
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Addicted to Cardboard said...

I've always wondered if I'd ever get a number 01/XXX card. At this point, it won't ever be in Gypsy or Goodwin. I have yet to see any of those. Great find, by the way!