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Sunday, February 19, 2012

1965 Topps More Angels Rookies

You can tell it's the end of the season and Topps just wants to get the set over and done with when they start cramming in extra rookies on their Rookie Stars cards.

This one has three rooks instead of two and is set up like their League Leader cards. Marcelino Lopez is the Angels' rookie leader. He gets a yellow background instead of a blue sky!

Marcelino actually was a Rookie Star as he won 14 games for the Halos in 1965 and won a spot on the Topps Rookie Cup team. Sadly, he fell off the map after that and only won 16 more games the rest of his career. Rudy May is actually the star of the card, going on to win 152 games with the Angels, Yankees Orioles and Expos.

Phil Roof doesn't even belong on the list as he already had a rookie card in the 1963 set. I know because he played two games for the Milwaukee Braves to start his career and I need that dang card for my team set.

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