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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thirteen 1978 Topps Cards

Twelve good, one bad.

Warren is staring into your SOUL.

Cobra and Carew on one card is dangerous levels of Coolness and Bad-assery.

Dave Chalk's nickname is the Honey Badger because he just don't care.

In my mind, Luis Tiant is in the Hall of Fame. If not for pitching, than for his mustache. I am unanimous in this.

Bob Forsch is either in a hurricane or a cow came up and licked him right in the side of his face.

This one here threw me. The 'As Player' photo has a picture of him playing for Boston. The Boston Braves. Checking the stats on the back, he also played for the Atlanta Crackers. Looks like I have to open up a space in my Braves team set binder now. Sigh.

The only good checklist is a marked checklist. This lucky stiff pulled the Winfield!

This could have been the exact Vic Davalillo card that guy marked off on that checklist. You never know...

I never understood why the Cubs always did the floaty head team pictures. Was the owner back then worried that if he gathered them all in one spot long enough to take the photo, their power of suck would reach critical mass and cause a black hole?*

This is simultaneously one of the worst and best photos ever on a baseball card.

I always liked Jack Clark for some reason. I think I have a soft spot for epic eyebrows.

I like Lou a whole lot better now that he's retired. I think it's because I was mad at all the attention he got every time he was ejected from a ballgame. We all know who the true king of ejections is, now don't we?



And here's that pony picture I drew in the video in case you wanted a better look.

Liston never knew what hit him.

*As a Braves fan I really should not be making fun of ANY team from the late '70s. Dear Christ, did we stink back then.


GCA said...

El Tiante rules

Jim from Downingtown said...

"In MAH view, dayf don't know a good card when he sees it."

-- Tim McCarver