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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sakes Alive, Sixty-Five

AAAAH. Now I have Blogger's Block! To go along with all the other blocks I have. Time to lean on the trade posts. I got a small pile of '65 Topps from reader James. They were inside a small snap case with a Red Sox Nation logo on it. Also: Duct Tape "Vintage Cards" label. I like James already. These '65s are basically in exchange for a '56 Jackie Jenson and a Tony Conigliaro sketch card. One that I haven't started yet because I'm allergic to Acrylic Paint right now. Every time I get near them I look at ponies online for 7 hours straight. I am not entirely unhappy with this malady. I really need to get the ol' easel out again though so I'm going to post '65s non-stop until I finish up some paintings. Or until I run out of '65s and feel shame. Wait, I have Pinkie Pie at the top of my blog. I have no shame. Here's card #1 from the 1965 Topps set courtesy James for you to look at while I figure out how I'm supposed to feel.

Should be a Hall of Famer, Is a Hall of Famer, and I'd put him in the Hall of Fame. Elston integrated the Yankees for Pete's sake. In fact put everyone who integrated a team in the Hall!  Yes, this means I am officially pushing for Pumpsie Green's candidacy. No more ridiculous than having Bowie Kuhn in and Marvin Miller out... Pumpsie in the Hall!!!

Another good thing about Elston, if it weren't for him Mickey Mantle would be on this card and it would cost $50 in this condition. My favorite thing about these old League Leader cards is that they fo fifty players deep! Yeah, there's some Hall of Famers in there (HOWARD!) but you also see the Boog Powells and Tony Conigliaros and Moose Skowrons and Jim Fregosis and Rocky Colavitos and Vic Davalillos and Zoillo Versalles and Don Werts and Norm Cashes and Doogie Howsers and Jerry Lumpes and Joe Pepitomes and Jim Gentiles and Tom Treshes. If Topps did leader cards like this today (Which they might, I haven't really looked at one from this year yet) #50 on the list would be Brett Gardner at .259 which is one point over the league average. Hmmmm... Baseball-Reference.com is our baseball cards now isn't it? Needs more creases.


Captain Canuck said...

Doogie Howsers????

dayf said...

You all DO pay attention.... :)