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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sketch Card #16 - 20% Cooler

OK! I've completely trainwrecked my Card Show posts, I have about 15 art projects to do, I'm blowing off some work I have to catch up on, and my wife is not going to be happy if I'm up until 3AM again on the internet. Let's do a sketch card post. Why not! Today's card went to The Cardboard Don whose blog is still called My Past Time... I Love It! on my blogroll because 411 blogs on one blogroll is apparently too many and it's gone all higglety pigglety. So I really need to work on transferring active blogs over to the new one too. More procrastination for me!

The Don often throws up trade bait on the blog to lure in trading partners. The man trades more than NASDAQ. A few months ago he offered up a pile of 70-71 Topps Game Inserts so I sent over some Marlins in exchange. Did I mention The Don loves his fishies? As a Braves fan I have less than favorable feelings toward the Florida Miami franchise, especially since they have two World Championships since we won our last one. Without winning the division even once! HOW?!

I have to admit the franchise is entertaining, even though they only get about three dozen fans in attendance each game. I mean, just look at what they have planned for this upcoming season:

And you thought putting Ozzie Guillen, Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes, Logan Morrison and Carlos Zambrano in the same clubhouse was going to be crazy. Not as crazy as whatever the hell that is up there. So what kind of sketch card do you draw for someone who lives in this world? Well, there's only one choice...

Rainbow Dash fits right in with the Miami scene. I drew this about the same time Miami released their new logo and uniforms. Which are terrible. Just AWFUL. Oh Mah Gawd, it looks like a minor league  Baseketball uniform. BUT... Since I have been sucked into the Cult of Pownay I've tried to look at things in a more positive light. It's very easy to run around yelling "EVERYTHING STINKS". No matter the subject, if you take that attitude, you will end up being correct most of the time. Trying to find the good in things is harder. Trying to find the good in something horrible is a challenge! Challenge accepted! I took a long hard look at the Miami franchise and looked for the good in it. Here's what I came up with:

The Marlins have never beat out my Braves for the Division title.
The LoMo/Ozzie Tweet War is going to be EPIC.
Big fishie looks pretty.
Did you know Jeffrey Loria wrote a book about Snoopy?
The Hanley/Jose on field fracas over who gets to play short is going to make the Thrilla in Manila look like a pillow fight.
And while the new Miami Marlins uniform is hideous, there's one pony who would really like them.

Heck, Dashie might have even had a hand in designing the things.

Here's some special bonus too much personal information about me. I have a soft spot for doing those stupid internet quizzes that tells you your Hobbit name (Drogo Fuzzybutt) Pirate name (Cap'n Chartreusebeard) What Reservior Dog are you (Mr. Pink), Where do you lie on the Political Spectrum (moderate anarchist facist libertarian communist discordian Republican). I've even let the interwebs determine my ultimate date of death (8/16/2032). So I saw a "Which Pony are you?" quiz up in the blogroll and decided to take it. You know, for Science!

I figured I'd probably be Fluttershy since I'm introverted and reserved when I'm not acting the fool online or maybe Pinkie Pie because I love comedy or possibly Twilight Sparkle because I'm a big ol' honkin' Nerd. To my surprise, I ended up being...

This I did not expect. It kinda fits though, in a vague generic horoscope/fortune cookie kinda way. I feel bad about calling her Rainbow Douche for most of Season two now. Speaking of competition, I will be involved in one this weekend. More details to come, assuming I can get Skype to work.


night owl said...

I don't know nothin' 'bout ponies, but I think the Miami Marlins overhaul is tremendous. And that thing with the neon rotating fish that goes off whenever a Marlin hits a home run sounds tremendous. It LOOKS tremendous. I might make the Marlins my second favorite team just because of that thing.

Captain Canuck said...

great sketch card... one of your best.

And without ever having watched ponies (except for the occasional vid on ye olde blog) I took the test. Challenge accepted!
Is it odd that i ended up Rainbow Dash as well? Will all Braves fans end up that way? or is the test rigged?

Scott Sawyer said...

I got Twilight Sparkle. Is this a good or bad thing?

dayf said...

LOL, Scott's an egghead!

(don't worry, Rainbow Dash turned into an egghead during last weeks episode)
(Besides, Twilight can freaking TELEPORT)