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Monday, February 27, 2012

1965 Topps More Twins Rookie Stars

Oh wait, this blog is about baseball cards, right? (and the occasional pony I guess). Guess I better post one, eh? Card, not pony.

Joe Nossek, Dick Reese and John Sevcik. Of these people, I know nothing. To the Googles!

Joe bounced around the league for 6 years, then coached in the bigs for twenty more years after that. His nickname was "Coffee and Juice". Remember that the next time you complain that there are no more good nicknames in baseball anymore.

Dick apparently goes by Rich which is why I didn't find his B-R page until his fifth page of Google results. Rich is obviously not a Dead Milkmen fan. Rick was originally signed by the tiger, then drafted by the Twins in the expansion draft, he then played 9 years with he Twins, the Tigers purchased his contract for the 1973 season and the Twins snatched him back up after Detroit released him in August. Dich's best season was in 1969 when he hit 16 dingers and batted .322.

John Sevcik played 12 games for the Twins in 1965. He went on to be an executive at the Jim Beam company, which is almost as good as being a professional baseball player. While his picture looks more like a painting than a photograph, there is another John Sevcik that actually does paintings. I don't think he did a painting for this card though. Also, ever since The Googles became self-aware and realized I was doing art now my ads and searches have been chock full of art and artists. Thus, John Sevcik the Artist was results #1 and #2 on my search while John Sevcik the Catcher was #3 and #4. I love Big Brother.

Also the Great 1965 Topps Project has done all these posts way better than me, so you should go check it out.

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