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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ha Ha! No one guessed!

The Shineeeeee Marteeeeeeeen was from Matt of Heartbreaking cards of Staggering Genius. No one guessed so he, um, wins? I suppose. He also sent these cards:


And a Frenchy jersey swatch.

Thing is I already have these, so they are going to Captain Canuck unless he specifically refuses them. Then they'll probably go to some other Braves fan. Maybe McCann Can Triple. I haven't sent her anything in a while. If she don't want 'em I suppose someone will take 'em.

Speaking of Matt, I still need to package up the card I'm sending him in return, so I'mma gonna get on that now.


Captain Canuck said...

winning = me

Dawgbones said...

that's not exactly true, three of us guessed...