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Monday, February 6, 2012

Winner of the Second Chance Super Bowl Contest.

Turns out that the winner last night was not in fact a member of Anonymous who glommed onto my blog after learning I've become obsessed with Ponies and SOPA, but was in fact Edgar, the guy who received my Godzilla sketch that apparently none of you even looked at. See if I draw a monster for you guys again...

All the Non-Winners (The only losers were the ones who watched the commercials last night, dear gawd they were mostly* horrible) had a chance to enter a second chance contest by stating they would create a piece of Pony Art for me. The brave contestants:

The Diamond King

And the winner is.......


If you offered to make me a pony, do it and I'll send you some cards. If you chicken out, then no cards for you. I got at least 7 bubble mailers and enough football cards to choke a hor- um, a mule so I can cover it. YOU ARE GETTING SOME FOOTBALL CARDS WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, but if you make the effort to create me a pony I'll throw in some baseball if you request it. The Big League Ponies card above was made by Carlsonjok and is utterly stunning and beeeaaautiyful. I would prefer something tangible but I did not disqualify digital art so it all counts. I just wish my color printer was working at the moment. I'll send out some e-mails this evening to the potential artists. I might even have a real post about baseball cards really late tonight!

*Mr. Quibbles was awesome. I also enjoyed the Ferris Bueller one in spite of myself. The Fiat one speaks for itself. Rawr. Hey, I am a quarter Italian.

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Jeremy said...

Cool. I'm going to start on mine tonight. Thanks.