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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm normally not real big on alternate uniforms


I wish I was still buying wax so I could not buy a couple of hobby boxes and buy one of these instead.


Captain Canuck said...

yeah... when they came out a month or two ago, I said I hoped it meant the death of those horrid blue things they wear that look like BP jerseys. And maybe the sunday red as well.
I haven't heard anything about that though.

dayf said...

Sunday reds are now Friday reds. These new ones will be worn on weekend home games.
Apparently the horrid blues are at the starting pitcher's discretion on away games. If you see them at all this season, blame the pitcher that night.

Lonestarr said...

It's not a bad look. I think every team should have a different jersey for every day of the week like the '70s Pirates and White Sox though, so my judgment may be in question here.

I'm also about ready to send you some cards. I lack your address though, so email forthcoming.