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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sketch Card #15 - Gorgeous George

I am in very real danger of getting three months behind on these sketch cards so I'll be going full speed ahead with them this week. This one was drawn so long ago I don't even know what Napkin Doon sent me to warrant a return package with sketch within. Probably stickers from the time period involved. I do know that it was immediately obvious what kind of sketch card I would need to create for Napkin.

Here's a prototype 2012 Allen & Ginter card of George Will. Napkin Doon is on a crusade to get a George Will card in A&G so I obliged him. The front is loosely based on the N31 World's Dudes set, because George is a total Dude. I was still afraid of color at this point for anything other than cartoons, so George remained monochrome graphite. I haven't been paying that much attention, but I haven't seen any 2012 A&G previews yet. If they have already popped up and I missed them because ponies please let me know as I'd like to check them out. Napkin seemed pleased by my sketch card and is at this moment chasing an old lady down an alley demanding that she look at his awesome card of George Will.

Mr. Doon doesn't know just how close George came to being transmogrified into a pony. Behold the sketch page what I practiced upon before I drew the real shebang:

There's the beta version of George along with a ponified Will that just didn't quite look right to me for some reason. Young Republican Pony, yes. George Will Pony, not quite. So I gave up and did an A&G Will card instead and filled up the rest of the sketch page with the national symbol of Finland and Frankenstein's creature and his Bride apparently retiring from the monster rat race and opening up a pig farm. I'm not entirely sure what the juxtaposition of these things on the same sketch page is supposed to signify, but I'm sure future historians will figure it out in good time.

Can anyone figure out why I gave George card number 77? I tried to make the back as authentic as the front, even with my terrible handwriting. The thing with handwriting is, it's basically just drawing little symbols (letters) that symbolize other things. And the thing with drawing is, as long as you focus and take your time you can draw most anything you want with practice. And the thing with me is, I'm lazy and I don't care about lettering so my writing looks like the barn floor after the chickens threw a rave.  To save your eyes from the strain, I've typed out the text on the back below.

Pulitzler Prize Winner

Journalist, author and lifelong baseball fan, George Will has never gotten his picture on a bubblegum card. As Lucy Van Pelt famously said: "how can you say someone is great who's never had his picture on bubble-gum cards?" Blogger Napkin Doon is attempting to rectify this travesty by campaigning to get George Will in 2012 Allen & Ginter. Dayf from Cardboard Junkie has no faith in Topps to listen to its customers, so this 1/1 sketch card was created. George Will can now be called Great. Besides, Lucy's a Bitch. 
DC 11/18/11

Speaking of that beeyotch Lucy Van Pelt, here's that football cartoon I found in the Peanuts book I posted on Super Bowl Sunday.

This raises an interesting question however... DID Charlie Brown actually get to kick a football? Or is that just a generic neighborhood kid? Think of the implications! The entire world mourning Charlie Brown's complete inability to ever kick a football thanks to Lucy, and Charlie actually kicked the ball regularly on his Pop Warner team. Seriously, this could ruin Charlie Brown as badly as a World Series Championship would ruin the Red Sox. Everyone would hate them if they actually won one! Imagine if they won two?? Thank goodness the Cubs never have to worry about that. There's not a zig-zag on the uniform so to protect my fragile world-view, I'm gonna say that's Shermy kicking the ball. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


night owl said...

It looks more like Shermy than Charlie Brown. Charlie's reputation as a blockhead is safe.

Chris Harris said...

Somebody's lobbying to put George Will on an Allen & Ginter card? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

shelly said...

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Jeremy said...

That's a nice likeness of George Will. I remember when the Napkin Doon showed it off on his blog.

Napkin Doon said...

I told that old lady I had something I REALLY wanted to show her and when I started reaching into my pocket she ran. She was faster than she looked but I caught her eventually. I guess she really liked the card because she kept weeping.