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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking for Two Royals Fans


They know who they are and I'm pretty sure regular blog haunters recognize them too. If you do, please go pester them so they will come here. They'll thank you for it.

So here's the deal. My life has been crappy lately. Real crappy. After this week it will still likely be crappy, but it will be a little less hectic I think maybe. Since the hectic will be reduced I'm going to start building up a little good karma and start sending out packages again. I'm going to start with the people I know for a fact I owe stuff to or at least feel like I owe 'em stuff. I owe these two stuff because they sent me this nifty Andruw Jones Relic and this kick ass Jason Heyward auto. So with them being Royals fans, I thought I'd send 'em some Royals cards.

Basically, I got a large pile of interesting Royals cards a while back and it was too good to send all to one person so I split it in half and made two equal piles of Royally goodness. The first one to comment out of those two can choose lot A or B. They are pretty much equal, so don't sweat about your choice. So it's not completely random (and so everyone else has something to look at), here is a card from each pile:

Wilson George Brett Signature Glove Tag

Did you know that the tags are actually listed in the Price Guide? The big fat one that looks like a thin volume of Cerebus, not that magazine thing. This one here booked for $12 in my 2002 guide. I really need a new guide.

Here's the inside of the tag. I thought I had something witty or insightful to say about it, but I don't.

Spot-Bilt George Brett GB5 Oddball

I had never heard of this card before I saw it with my own eyes. Keeping with the sporting equipment oddball theme, this card was inserted inside boxes of baseball cleats. It's not a bad looking 80's oddball card.

The card number is five but this is the only one in the set. Brett fans know what 5 means. Very Topps-like back, this is a well designed oddball.

Ok you two, Choose..... and Perish. If you ignore me I'll send out an e-mail this weekend. Ignore me too long and I'll trade 'em off to another Royals fan out there. There has to be more than two... right? Along with the cards and stuff will be a relic for Darkship and an auto for Matt to reciprocate their earlier trades. Someone pick a pile... I know you're out there.


darkship said...

Woo Hoo!!!!! It looks like I'm first! HMMMMM I'll take pile "B". Gotta love the Spot Bilt card (and I think I owned a pair of those shoes back in Jr. High)

Bay Rat North West said...

Was the George Brett glove your firts Little League glove or did you pick that up later?
That is one of the few things I salvaged after Katrina was that glove. I loved that bad boy. I was just like George (in my mind) when fielding with it.

Steve Gierman said...

You just reminded me that I have yet to complete my Cerebus book collection.

Chris said...

Sweet stuff. If you ever come across a "George Brett for President" bumper sticker, keep me in mind. Been looking for one forever.

Matt Flaten said...

I was hoping for Pile "A" so I'll gladly take that one. $12 book value!?! I'm set! Let me just get my eBay posting ready...

Thanks dayf!