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Monday, October 11, 2010

All over

A season ends where the Braves exceeded just about every expectation, overcame losing a Hall of Famer, an All-Star and half the rotation, somehow managed to hold onto a playoff spot, then lost another Hall of Famer in the playoffs. They still were within one run of the Giants every game in the playoffs even though their infield was completely different from what they started the season with and had to field a rookie at second base, right field and closer.

Yet still somehow, this team and its fans are losers and a disgrace, who have some 'splainin to do.

Screw y'all haters.

The season is over and I'm taking a break. I'll be back eventually.


Anonymous said...

Take heart, dude.

Your 'name' all star got hurt and played just 95 games.

Your platoon LF stunk for most of the year.

Your starting CF stunk the entire year, before getting sent down.

You had an 'over-the-hill' gang in Glaus, Hinske, Gonzalez and Ankiel.

Your stud 24-year old pitcher was hurt and then ineffective, starting just 20 games with an ERA 2.00 above last year.

Your #5 starter turned into the Japanese Oliver Perez.

Kyle "Freakin' Farnsworth got key outs in the playoffs for you.

They really should have finished behind the Mets. But they made it, and deserved it.

Matt Runyon said...

I think Bobby Cox did one of his best managing jobs in his last season.

madding said...

Surprisingly, Atlanta became my NL playoff team of choice this year. I thought the extra Bobby Cox love and chopping would get to me, but I was genuinely hoping that they'd win.

Maybe I really do hate the Giants that much.

mmosley said...

In case you wanted to waller in it some more:


mmosley said...
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stusigpi said...

Yeah, well the rest of your murad set is on the way. Still got that joe alexander mini - standing? That is the last one I need for the mini set. If you have some black border minis I wouldn't mind those as well.