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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Linking to some contests today because 1) Too busy for anything else 2) I honestly don't give a crap anymore. My time off didn't so much recharge me as bring my posting inertia to a screeching halt. Go win something.

The Great Orioles Autograph Project is holding a Playoff Bracket contest. Hint: According to all media outlets the correct answer is "Phillies beat all comers just by giving them a mean look". Bracket accordingly.

Can't Have Too Many Cards is obfuscating his burning desire to post pictures of Don Pardo with a contest. Pick Hackenbush out of the school photo.

My pick:

Finally Thorzul is holding his third annual Nightmares on Cardboard custom card contest. This year, he is not limiting the contest to horror movies apparently, it just needs to be on a design from 1970-1990. So as long as your naked furry artwork of a transvestite midget cowboy is shooped into a 1981 Topps design, you're all good.

Edit: Why didn't any of you slackers tell me I forgot to link Thorzul's contest??

I was going to announce the winner of my Obak contest from 40 years ago, but I ran out of time is morning. No one's really been asking for the results anyway. I'll do it tonight if anyone still cares.

ALSO: I have to start totaling up points for the Heritage Blaster Fantasy League, so you can forget abut more posts until that's done.

Man, this is a depressing post, isn't it!

LATE ENTRY: Spankee has his own Playoffs Contest over at My Cardboard Mistress.


Don said...

Enjoy the playoffs. At least I did not have to suffer through game 163 like last year. I was throwing stuff around the house in frustration because Detroit was choking the game away.

TheRealDFG said...

I almost forgot about the Heritage Blaster contest. Now I have something to look forward too, although I doubt I even came close.

Spankee said...

I'm also having a contest over at mycardboardmistress.blogspot.com. Pick the player who hits the last homerun and the player who pitches the final strikeout of the 2010 playoffs. There have been 11 entries so far, and entries close with the opening pitch tomorrow.

AdamE said...

I added up my score for you. I'll email it to you...

madding said...

I was wondering about the Heritage fantasy league thing (actually, the Obak, too, but I have no hope of winning that.) I did very poorly with my 4 Yahoo fantasy teams, so maybe that means I won?

Anonymous said...

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