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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Virtual 1982 Topps Sticker Album - Page 5


I'm gonna skip around a bit and show off the playoff teams out of my '82 Topps sticker album over the next week or so. Actually, this page is still in order as it is right after the Cubs who were shown last. The Reds were one of my least favorite teams growing up mainly because they beat up my Braves so often in the NL West. Now that we are both in different divisions I can appreciate them again. In fact, if the Braves can't go all the way, I'm rooting for the Reds to come out of the NL. By making this statement, I have all but assured a Giants/Phillies NLCS. Contact your bookies quickly.

As for the background image shadow person, that's gotta be Tom Seaver, right? Even with the effed up face? It sure ain't Mario Soto. Pretty much the Reds' entire pitching staff was righties with the exception of Joe Price, so I suppose it could be Frank Pastore, but why? Gotta stick with Tom here.

(heh heh, get it, stick with Tom, I made a funny)

Tom got stuck along with everyone besides Johnny Bench. I am not unhappy with this turn of events as I am far more likely to come across a stray Johnny Bench sticker in my travels instead of say, a Ron Oester. Tom Seaver is looking upon his image in the background wondering what they did to his poor face. The scan got cut off at the side as did the Concepcion sticker. I didn't realize how badly cut it was until I saw it on the page. That's like, serious Topps206 mini miscut right there. My favorite sticker on the page is George Foster, underrated slugger. We really do need to found a Hall of Very Good just so guys like George, Al Rosen and Bobby Grich can finally be honored. They're more interesting than some of the bums in the 'proper' Hall anyway.


Anonymous said...

You'd be interested in the Hall of Merit....although George Foster didn't quite make it in there either.

Did you know the 1981 Reds are the only team to ever lead the majors in wins, but not qualify for the playoffs?

The '81 Cardinals were in a similar pinch... they led the NL East in wins, but didn't qualify.

If the owners didn't vote to play a split season that year, the playoff teams would've been Brewers vs A's & Cardinals vs Reds. Which would've changed a lot of things.... like, no Yankees-Dodgers series, and could've made it back-to-back Brewers-Cardinals series (81-82).

Slangon said...

That's for sure Seaver. I'd know that pitching motion anywhere. Stupid M. Donald Grant and his stupid Midnight Massacre.

Unknown said...

You shoulda left that Reds page blank.
It woulda been more appropriate, considering.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

Matthew Glidden said...

Kinda like the Foster picture they used. He really knew badass, but that's not a bad pose either.

Badder George's SI cover

Anonymous said...

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