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Sunday, December 29, 2013

September Vintage Card Show - '54 Set Needs

The holidays are literally murdering me right now but I want to post cool stuff but I also want to be lazy and this card is already scanned and ready to go and I really need to finish posting these before 2014 but I probably won't make it and what I really really need to do is get an editor because this sentence is dreadful.

Have yourself a merry little RAABLONSKI

Here is my ranking of pre-standard size Topps sets:

#1) 1953 Topps. Best set of all time now and Forever
#1a) 1956 Topps. Best set of all time that doesn't have an actual Master Class Painting on every card
#3) 1951 Topps. Really neat oddball set that I wish was easier to find
#4) 1954 Topps. Great color and photo, but the flipped card backs infuriate my OCD
#5) 1955 Topps. The Beta version of 1956 Topps that had many bugs that needed to be worked out
#9001) 1952 Topps. Completely overrated ugly pile of impossible to collect junk AKA the precursor to all modern day Topps sets

Don't get me wrong, I love the set. I'll take a '54 Topps card over most anything. When I'm knee deep in  vintage cards at a show this set tends to take a back seat to other needs. I didn't completely neglect the '54s this time out, I'll take a cheap beater card of a '50s All Star any day.


night owl said...

'56 above '53. '52 above '54 and '55. I'd probably put '51 between '54 and '55, too.

I thought '52 was way overrated, and I still think it is somewhat. But after actually paying closer attention to some of the cards in set recently, I like it quite a bit more than most '50s sets. Too bad Topps had to beat the '52 horse so badly that everyone hates the set now.

Duane said...

56 far and away my fav.... then toss up between 53 and 54 then 55 and I suppose 52 on the bottom. The fact that I don't own a 52, may bias my view. I wish I would have started looking for these vintage sets many years ago.