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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best card I got in 2011

This one came from Jeremy over at No One's Going to Read this Blog. This card probably impacted the eventual course of my life more than anything else last year other than actual important things like family and work and such. Emothions went a little haywire over this card, which I received in the middle of my 'not posting' period early last year. I went from amazed by the card, to impressed by the talent to create it, to jealous of that talent, to depressed because I couldn't do something like this, to defiant against the idea that I couldn't do something like this, to inspired to draw Al Hrabosky, then some doodles, then Woody Allen and Larry David looking at badly drawn naked women (don't ask) then... ponies. Not sure what (if anything) I traded for this, but Jeremy is on the sketch card list, just as soon as I figure out something to draw that comes close to this.


Paul Hadsall said...

Not too often you get all that from a tiny piece of cardboard. :-)

Play at the Plate said...

Well said Paul. You never know what will inspire. I've got one of Jeremy's 1/1 sketches and it is incredible.

Jeremy said...

Wow! I'm glad you liked the card. I thought maybe it had gotten lost in the mail. It's really hard to draw on those little cards sometimes. This one was relatively easy, but I still can't draw Larry David and I've spent hours trying to get him right. I really freed up my mind when I did the Chipper card so maybe that helps. I really do enjoy reading your blog and seeing your sketches. I also get the impressed, jealous and depressed feeling when I read your blog (and others) and read their writing. I wish I could do that. More naked ladies for 2012!!

Suldog said...

Jeremy sent me a sketch card recently, and it was one of the nicest things I've ever received. I wrote about it.