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Saturday, December 3, 2011

MLP:FIM Season 2 Ep 9



Streams here. Reddit's stream fills up by 2AM so I've given up on them.Yootubes is all goobered too so otherwise I mighta slept in this morning.  Not that anyone ever reads these posts in time to watch the show.

I'm frazzled at the moment and have no decent ponies drawn for the occasion. In lieu of actual content, here is a Rarity Meme dump to assault your senses. Maybe discussion after the show, maybe not. I never crowed about how Pinkie Pie was Batman last week and that was a defining moment in my life. Dude, it's the holiday season, I'm tired.


Be back later, maybe. Or perhaps I'll lie down and read a nice book. Vote for my book plz.


Yay! Happy episode! With a song!

Pinkie ain't sung yet, but she has HEAVY ARTILLERY!

Salvador Dali ponies!

New background pony everyone will obsess over:  The sexy supermodel pony that hangs out with Fancy Pants. Speaking of background ponies with 5 seconds of screen time everyone's in love with, Octavia made another appearance. So now she has 10 seconds.

This weeks's meme I'm really not looking forward to: Nevermind, Not even the-site-that-must-not-be-named has jumped on this.  Everyone's too obsessed with Rarity in a beret.

Hayseed McTurniptruck (or whatever his name was) is now best pony. Tied with Snails' older brother the bellhop.

The girls all act like complete dorks in Canterlot. Again. While Princess Celestia watches from the balcony of her castle and laughs her flank off. At least the birds all love Fluttershy now.

"My friends are the most important ponies I know" OF COURSE THEY ARE. YOU SIX SAVED ALL OF EQUESTRIA. TWICE.

Seriously, they have stained glass windows of their feats of heroism in the friggin' royal palace. AND they completely ruined the most important social event in Canterlot very recently. How does no one ever recognize them?

And Rarity comes through at the end! Although the lesson of the episode seems to be if you slack off, over commit yourself and lie to your friends to get what you want but you're clever enough to improvise on the fly when things go south, everything will turn out ok. Oh, and also always stick by your true friends. They know you're an asshole and like you anyway. Which is probably not bad advice actually. My Little Pony: Cynical Pragmatism is Magic!

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