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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sketch Card #9 - Maddux Pie

This one went to Jon over at Community Gum. Jon had a couple of stickers I needed and I had a few to send over his way. Jon is the first person I asked if they wanted a specific subject on their sketch card. This was the response:
Would you be able to do Greg Maddux riding on a pony of your choice?
Riding ponies? In My Little Pony? Whaaaaaaaa???? Filthy humans riding Equestrian ponies?!?! Blasphemy! Jon could get sent to the Moon for a thousand years for such insolence! I quickly devised a way to get him off the hook though:


(everypone out there should already know the joke that's coming so let's just get it over with)

So here's Pinkie Pie getting a piggyback ride from Greg Maddux (Cubs edition). Greg looks a little surprised and maybe dismayed at his situation. Honestly I don't get it, Pinkie Pie is the best pony, and giving her a piggyback ride should be a great honor. Maybe Greg is just a little worn out because Pinkie ate too much fudge and got a pudge and couldn't budge. It would explain why she's riding instead of prancing around like she usually does. She sure is having fun at any rate!

This one was a bit of a challenge as I rely heavily on reference photos when drawing and there isn't really a single photo of Greg Maddux giving a piggyback ride to anyone out there on the web, let alone giving one to a horse. So I found one of some random dude on a beach giving a piggyback to some chick and went from there. I made Greg a little more knock-kneed and the girl switched species, but it's about the same pose as in the picture. Greg's face I based on that grimace he makes when he pitches that can be seen on about 50% of his cards. I experimented with a multi-colored crosshatch background and ended up liking how it turned out enough to use it again. The only reason I did it in the first place was to cover up a mistake. Can you tell what it was?

Ok, I have at least three or four more cards I still need to draw so I better get a-drawin'. Ride 'em cowgirl! (oh wait, that's Applejack, not Pinkie Pie)


Anonymous said...

I need a sketch card of jose Reyes leaving the Mess and coming to Miami!! Riding a pony!!

By the way did you get your package?

Play at the Plate said...

Holy pony. I almost blew Dr. Pepper on my keyboard.