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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Transmogrified into being: 1978 Dick Tidrow

Here's another redemption from the Topps Diamond thingy.

This one came in a 4-for-1 deal for a 1990 Nolan Ryan Highlight card. there was a '74 Dave LaRoche, a '76 Tony Taylor, a '80 Larry Christenson and Tidrow. That seems like a slick deal, but Dick is the only one I actually had shipped. The other three were dumped. I can't remember if I redeemed Tidrow because I needed this card for the set or just for the epic moostache. I shaved my goatee once to give myself a mustache like that one time and my wife scolded me until I shaved it completely. Then she told me to grow the beard back because I looked weird with no facial hair (and she's right - I look like Peter Griffin, but dorky) and that made me sad. Dangit, I'm being a downer again. HEY LOOK - BASEBALL GAME

Fly out. DOWNER.

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