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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chico Marx and The Damned lied to me

There IS a Sanity Clause!!!

That 70's Card dude (does s/he have a name?) to be specific. He drew my name in Bad Wax's Secret Santa and here's the swag:

12% of the 1976 Topps set (85 cards off the wantlist!)

3 1974 Topps cards, 2 of which I bought a couple weeks ago (oops)

J-Hey Rookie Refractor

And a Freddie Freeman USA Baseball auto.

That's a helluva Christmas right there! Thanks bro!

Merry Christmas and/or The holiday of your choice (especially if it's Festivus)!


Andy said...

Two things:

WTF with Fuentes' hat? Did he actually write Tito on there or was that a scribble on the card you received?

The scan of your Heyward card makes it look like its the player in the background who is being highlighted. When you see it, you'll $&@# bricks.

dayf said...

He actually wrote Tito on his headband. Fuentes has several cards featuring the headband, it's kind of his trademark.

Refractors do weird things when scanning. In person, Heyward pops out because he has more... um... chrominess? But chrominess doesn't scan for crap.

Terry said...

Glad to see you enjoyed your package. Interesting ball placement in the photo on the Davey Johnson '74 card. What happened there? My best guess is he chopped it straight into the dirt by home plate and it's on the rebound (other scenarios: he swings at a pitch behind him, he gets way out in front of a pitch and follows it straight back behind him, or his ass is competing with Kurt Bevacqua for the Topps Bubble Gum blowing competition)