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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

October Card Show - J-Hey

One of my goals during the card show was to pick up a J-Hey card I didn't already have. Maybe not an auto or something, just something I didn't already have. However, I got tunnel vision on Vintage cards during the show. Pretty much everything I looked at was older than Heyward. It was getting time to leave, and I still didn't have anything Jasony in my possession. Then I found this:

Well, it was something I didn't already have. Cost me fifteen bucks too, which is probably less than I would have paid in gas driving to every toy retailer in the state trying to look for one of these. Yeah, it was a dumb purchase, but I like it. It got me out of the card show a half hour sooner than I would have if I had started scrounging around for an affordable J-Hey card. Jason is now tacked up on the wall next to a line of Braves Starting Line figures and my lone other McFarlane figure, a Hank Aaron with the label peeled off the front because they used crappy glue. Yes I have Starting Lineups tacked to the wall of my office. If you're gonna be a nerd, you really gotta go all out. No, I don't have pony toys tacked up to the wall. Starting Lineups are for looking at, toys are for playing with. Of course now I have a vision of Pinkie Pie yelling at me in Spike Lee's voice "HOW COME THERE AIN'T NO PONIES ON THE WALL?" in my head. Oh Lawd, this purchase was a mistake.

brb buying ponies

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