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Saturday, December 3, 2011

SEC Championship Game

How the hell is Georgia in this thing? It's because I gave up on football after they got beat by South Carolina, isn't it? I'm gonna watch the game today (well, half watch the game/half read a book/half listen to music/half clean up the house/seven-eights drink beer/half fall asleep and take a nap) and the Bulldogs are going to get massacred. It will be God Himself telling me that my favorite teams will only be successful if I'm not really paying attention to them. Maybe I'll drink bourbon instead of beer and take that nap in the first quarter. Since it'll take a miracle for anything good to happen for the woofwoofs today, I'm going to post this Herschel Walker Guideposts magazine I got from Stats on the Back a long time ago and never posted because I didn't quite know what to do with it. Desperately needing Divine Intervention sounds like a good time to post to me.

Aw what the heck. Article too!

Yeah, I know Divine Intervention doesn't work that way. Besides, God is an SEC fan and wants to see an LSU - Alabama rematch in the BCS Championship game so I should really not invoke Him at all right now. Anyone got an article on Herschel from Reason or Skeptic magazine?

Maybe I should start drinking now... Beer or bourbon? Oh I know!




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