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Monday, December 19, 2011

Transmogrified into being: 1977 Juan Beniquez

Here's something happy since I'm a downer. Enjoy it, after Wednesday it'll be a felony.

Ok folks, there's less than a week 'till Christmas, I'm completely burned out, I hate cards right now, I hate Christmas even worse, you all are sick of me posting ponies and I just don't give a crap anymore. I'm mailing it in. Besides, once SOPA is shoved up our asses we'll all get legally shut down anyway the moment we criticize any of the major players in the industry so what's the point of making any effort. And anyone complaining too loudly about SOPA will be permanently taken care of with the NDAA. So fuck it. I'm a powerless serf and I'll keep posting stupid shit to the interwebs to amuse myself for as long as my masters allow it. Throughout the holidays you're getting Transmogrified cards.

1977 Topps Juan Beniquez. I'm meh about '77 Topps and I love 1978 Topps but I've somehow managed to accumulate way more of the '77s. This one was traded for a 1977 Richie Zisk that I already had. Like most of the '70s cards I redeemed this was in decent shape. Corners are a bit soft and it you stare at it long enough you can see the slightest hint of a wrinkle going through the RANGERS on top. It will fit in with the other '77 detritus in my collection.


Mulder said...

Dude, this blog's become kind of a downer.

dayf said...

Merry Christmas.


Play at the Plate said...


That's better.

Anonymous said...

That may be the greatest video I have EVER seen. My co-workers are gonna LOVE IT!!!