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Monday, December 12, 2011

The best trade I have ever made

This weekend I pulled off a masterful trade on the Transmogrifier Mark 2. Words cannot describe the brilliance of this deal so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. I traded this:

Waddya mean it's too small? Ok, fine, here's my part of the trade in bite sized chunks.

1967 Jim Pagmiaroni
1969 Johnny Edwards
1973 Paul Splittorff

1973 Danny Walton
1974 Dave LaRoche
1975 Tommy Davis

1976 Tony Taylor
1978 Earl Weaver
1978 Larry Barlow

1979 Rick Langford, Eduardo Rodriguez and Larry Milbourne

1979 Paul Thormodsgard
1979 All Time ERA Leaders
1980 Derrel Thomas

1980 Larry Christenson, Roger Freed and Mike Heath

1983 Joe Nolan, Greg Luzinski and Ron Hodges

1985 Billy Gardner
1985 Steve Carlton
1986 Enos Cabell

1987 Charlie Hough
1992 Edgar Martinez
1994 Pedro Martinez

1994 Ken Hill
1994 Orel Hershiser
1997 Derek Bell

2001 Manny Ramirez
2009 Kenji Johjima

I trade all this crap for this... this beauteous thing...





Proof for the doubtful:

Who the hell is Jim Pagmiaroni
If you wanted any of these cards I traded off, sorry. this was a last ditch effort to get a cookie. And a Cookie I did got. Cookie Rojas isn't the reason I'm so happy with this trade though. It's because 


No more Transmogrifier. 


No more offers of a 1987 George Brett for my Brian McCann Die-Cut. Ever. 

I'm done. Shipping has been requested and I am out of cards and codes. I do have 45 rings left to trade. There's a perverse part of my soul that wants to try to collect 45 Braves rings, but I shall resist. 

I am free. FOREVER.


zman40 said...

Nice Trade!!

dawgbones said...

just got two words for ya.

1. NICE!

2. SPAM!

Tom said...

"No more Transmogrifier.


I figured Topps was doing a Gold Giveaway site next year... no?

If so, how can you resist the Transmogrifier Part III?

The Lost Collector said...

I've learned a lot from your blog. Great article! Very useful info!

Kidding, kidding. Great haul. I too just requested shipment yesterday (of only 7 cards), but it feels great to be free and not have to field offers from William Rezak, Topps Diamond, and KPorter20 anymore. I know they all were interested in my 1973 Roy White, but I don't need any 1981 Topps of guys I've never heard of.

Kyle4KC said...

I traded all my rings so I have 20 KC Royals. : )

I cashed out a week or two ago and felt the same freedom!

Good job!