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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Transmogrified into being: 1967 Jim Hannan

I got nothin' funny today. Here's the vintagiest vintage I managed to pull from the Transmogrifier.

BLUH. Senators. Don't talk to me about congressmen right now. Stupid mumble grrrrrr. My anger is somewhat mitigated by my confusion over this photo. How exactly did this shot become "Topps Generic Pitcher Pose #24"? I've seen pitchers doing this plenty of times on cards, not so much during an actual follow through on a pitch. As far as I can tell he's making a gang symbol with his right hand. Or perhaps he's signaling to a girl in the crowd that, yes, he is willing to go two in the pink, but no further. A man has to draw the line somewhere. Whatever the hell he's doing Jim looks just as perplexed about the whole thing as I am. Perhaps these poses are an elaborate troll by the Topps photographer.

told ya I got nothin' today

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GCA said...

I'm fascinated how they abbreviate team names in weird places like that. Was the typesetting technology so primitive that they couldn't tweak the columns to make the name fit?