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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sketch Card #10 - Angel Bunny

Whelp, no better time to post this one... Nope, this is the perfect time.

This here is Fluttershy's pet, Angel Bunny. I made a trade with Laurens over at Card Buzz and sent a bunch of Angels cards in exchange for a Julio Teheran Liquorfractor. Since Laurens is an Angels fan, Angel Bunny seemed like a perfect fit for a sketch card. I just cannot resist the puns. I boogered the sketch a bit, as Angel's head is way too small. Nothing worse than an off-model parody sketch card. Ok, there are worse things. Let's just play this off like it's Angel's older brother, the sports nut.

Fluttershy is unavailable for comment as she is out trying to cheer up all her Cardinal friends. Poor little birdies...

1 comment:

Collective Troll said...

Great card!!!
Still I prefer devil bunnies, ha ha ha