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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Swept agin

Trade Tex for prospects.

Send Frenchy to A-ball Rome Double-A Mississippi until he learns to hit with men on base. CHECK.

Retire Smoltz and Glavine's numbers and change the locks on the clubhouse door.

Shoot Hampton like a lame racehorse.

Clone Bobby so we have twice the genius at manager.

Get Lemmer out of the broadcast booth and back at second base.



Captain Canuck said...

how can anyone win with Omar Infante and Martin Prado in the starting lineup at the same time? These are not starters people. Role players... not starters. Put KJ back at 2, Blanco in left, and stretcher Kotsay out to CF.
Dear god, trade Tex. Now. Preferably along the Renteria lines, not the LaRoche kinda deal.

and for the love... include Acosta in the deal.

Wax Heaven said...

What about Chipper?
Also, don't send Tex over here. We don't want him.

Captain Canuck said...

you don't have anybody to trade for Tex, plus his salary will be more than the entire Marlins team anyways... bad for team chemistry. Maybe Tex could just buy the Marlins.... probably the Royals too......

Wax Heaven said...

We have an entire farm of prospects....and a very deceiving power hitter named Mike Jacobs.

dayf said...

I'll take anything and anybody for Tex right now. This is my nightmare:

The Braves play the rest of the year at just above .500 so they're technically in the playoff hunt.

Frank Wren is squidgy about trading Tex while we're in the wildcard race.

Frank also doesn't want to get less than top dollar for Tex.

At the end of the year, Tex is a free agent, Boras makes noise about filing for a 20 million arbitration number, which scares off the Braves from even offering it to him.

Result: giving up the farm for 1 1/2 years of Tex and getting NO draft picks in return because we're too chicken to offer him arbitration.

Ben said...

Interesting, I just posted some thoughts about the Braves too.

It's frustrating.

Wax Heaven said...

Frenchy is gone!!!