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Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Contest

Why the hell am I up at 3 in the morning...

As long as I'm up I may as well inform you of a contest. Traded Sets is back with another contest where you can win a relic card. Go check it out and win something.

And, oh why not. Let's do one here too.

A long long time ago, Tribe Cards sent out random packs of kindness. I requested a random number of packs and received ten:

I thought I could somehow make a good contest out of all these things but didn't really know how. Then I figured out how, but didn't have the time. Well now I have the knowledge, time and will to make it happen.

The Contest:

There are 10 packs of kindness. That means 10 contestants. Each contestant will choose one pack, then earn points by picking from the following categories:

Card Manufacturer: 1 point each
Year card was made: 5 points each
Team: 10 points each
Sport other than baseball : 15 points each
Individual player: 25 points each
Weirdness: 50 points each

I'll explain all these categories in detail later. Once everyone has made their choices, I'll open up the packs, count up the points and post the really cool cards. Once everyone's pack has been tallied up the winners will be determined by score.

The Prizes:

High score: Grand Prize. A relic or auto from the team of your choice, 50 cards from a wantlist or favorite team, the entire random pack you chose, and every card of your favorite team that were in all the other random packs.

Low Score: The lowest score gets a boobie prize consisting of: One horrible card I recently received that I will show off in a later post, the worst card in every random pack as determined by me, any cards out of the random pack you chose that you might want, and maybe a few cards from a team or wantlist just to be nice.

Everyone else: Goes into Randomizer.com, naturally. I'll get a list of contestants from 1-8, (and here comes the stupid part) then roll an 8 sided die onto my scanner. The number scanned is the winner. You will win: A random relic card (again determined by randomizer), a random card from every random pack, and a random assortment of cards from my doubles box. Random, huh?

What you have to do:

Since there's only 10 slots, I'm going to space out the entries three at a time. Three now, three tomorrow morning and three tomorrow evening. This makes thing fair for the overnight, day and evening shift folks. The 10th spot automatically goes to David of Tribe Cards since he's always sending out cool stuff to people. If you have read this far you need to quit reading, click on the comments right now and QUICKLY try to get one of the first three slots by posting a comment stating that you want in the contest. The fourth person to comment will have to wait 'till morning. Once you've grabbed a slot, come back here for further instructions.


Ok, that's long enough. You lucky three, here's what you gotta do:

1) Pick a random pack.

There are ten random packs, they are differentiated by the stickers David put on them. Pick one and one only.
  1. Hi #
  2. Tigers
  3. Corrected
  4. Rangers
  5. Brewers
  6. Red Sox
  7. Fleer
  8. Tiny Baseball Glove
  9. Donruss
  10. Orioles
2) Choose your categories:

Make one guess as to what you think is in the pack for each of these categories:

Card Manufacturer: Any card manufacturer ever. Topps, Upper Deck, Donruss, Fleer, Score, Pro Set, Skybox, Inkworks, Leaf, Play Ball, U.S. Caramel, American Tobacco Company, you pick whichever one you want.

Year card was made: This is pretty self explanatory. While it's technically possible that there could be an Allen & Ginter card from 1888 in there, it's not all that likely.

Team: Any team from any sport. Literally any sport. If you want to choose the New Zealand All Blacks or the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, you go for it.

Sport other than baseball : I'll make this easy on you and give you a choice of sports here. Football, Basketball, Hockey, Racing, Wrestling, Boxing, Soccer, Tennis, Poker. That should account for most of the licensed card products out there. Choose one.

Individual player: Again, any player, any sport. I'll be up front with you, most of these cards are from baseball junk wax so choose wisely.

Weirdness: Choose from one of these categories: Television, Movies, Music, Comics, History, Checklists, Junk Ads. Some of these will be subjective, In border line cases I am the judge and what I say is final. For example, if there is card of a movie star from the American Heritage set, that card goes in History, not Movies. A card from the Coca-Cola Collection is a Junk Ad as is a Topps ad for a puffy letter sweatshirt. If it's a movie based on a comic book it goes in Movies. Get it? Got it? Good.

One thing to remember here is that there is a prize for the lowest number of points so if you want to try to shoot the moon, go for it. One caveat: if more than one contestant makes some outlandish guesses and ends up with a score of 0, the player with the lowest score greater than zero gets the prize.

3) Send me your choices:

You can post them in the comments or e-mail me, I don't care which. The important thing it so get a slot first, then send me your picks. If you spend a half hours making your picks and three people get the slot before you, better luck next time. If you don't have a slot and make picks anyway I'll delete 'em. I'm going to bed after I post this, so I expect you all to play nice and not see contest comment anarchy when I wake up.

Ok that's everything.

First three to comment on this post are in: Next chance to get a slot in the contest will be sometime before noon.


madding said...

I'll go:

Tiny baseball glove, Fleer, 1993, Cleveland Indians, hockey, Roberto Alomar, movies

Play at the Plate said...

I'm in...I'll email you my choices.

Play at the Plate said...

What the heck, I'll post my choices here..
Rangers again
Roberto Alomar (I chose before I saw madding's post)


Mad Guru said...

Ooh, early bird gets the baseball cards. I'm lucky #3.

Go with the Tigers pack in honor of future HOFer Milt Wilcox.

Detroit Tigers
Travis Fryman

SpastikMooss said...

Red Sox
Red Sox again
Mike Greenwell

SpastikMooss said...

aw man guru, beat me by a minute hahahaha

dayf said...

See kids? This is why you post first, pick categories later. Next chance to get in will be posted before noon.

Anthony K. said...

Hopping in for the 4-6 slots.

Hope i can get in ;)

NMCLax24 said...

Darn, the one morning that I don't check the blogger dashboard. A spot in 4-6 would be nice though

metsthoughts said...

i'm in!

metsthoughts said...

oops, sorry....thought the 4-6 slots opened already....

ernest of canada said...

pure dada genius! marcel duchamp would have been inspired by such an outpouring of randomness.

--David said...

Fleer Pack

Kenny Lofton

dc said...

We've been Out of Commission so we missed the contestulations...these posts and the want lists make us suspect you are in End of Year Baseball Card Organization mode. :)
Sherlock Holmes

dayf said...

Elementary, my dear Watson.