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Monday, November 22, 2010

Heritage Blaster League - About Damn Time

The Heritage Blaster League final results are nearing completion. Only about eight months after we started, pretty quick, I'd say! Since I a) am not quite finished and b) need something to post to get me through the holidays I'm going to post 1 team result per day with their ante prize to make it all suspenseful and stuff. Since AdamE sent me an excel template that made the calculations slightly easier, I'm posting his results and ante tonight.

Here are (I think) all the contestants in the prize league:

AdamE - Thoughts and Sox
Thorzul - Thorzul Will Rule
Mmosley - Stats on the Back
Ernest of Canada
Don - Tiger Sportscards
Ike - Ike's Cards
McCann Can Triple - Rookie Card Collector
Madding - Cards on Cards
HamRamRobTown - HamRamRobTown 
Play at the Plate - Play at the Plate
Punk Rock Paint - Punk Rock Paint
DogFacedGremlin - The Real DFG
Cardsplitter - The Call of Cardboard
Zpop - Occasional Baseball Card Blog
MattF - Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius

I need to dig through the large pile of prizes (some are still in the bubble mailer) and confirm that everyone on this list has anted and whether or not any of these fellers who were playign for fun decided to send in an ante after all. That's another reason why I'm doing one post per team, so I can coordinate the prizes and teams. If you feel like you have been wrongly left out yell at me in the comments and send me some hate mail until I fix things up.

These guys played for fun, I'll calculate your totals after I get the prize league sorted out:

Jeffrey Wolfe
Lake Effect Cards
Chris Mays
Wax Wombat
Chris L.

AdamE's up tonight, good luck ev'rbody...


Don said...

I will send my prize pack directly to the winner when they are announced.

PunkRockPaint said...

Oh, crap! I don't remember if I sent anything!

If I didn't, I will send a prize pack to the winner...

Sheesh... I am a bad contestant.

IkesCards said...

Ikes ante is ready to go. Just let us know where to send it!