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Monday, April 12, 2010

My 2010 Topps Heritage Blaster Fantasy League Team

Ok, I finally got everything scanned. I've gotten a few more teams in too, I'll update the list by tonight. I've also gotten one package of prize cards, but that's for another post. If anyone wants in the fun, I need your break and team by the18th.  Here's my team. I picked out the team the Saturday before Opening Day, wrote out the post on Thursday and finally finished scanning everything yesterday.

The Lineup:

Catcher - Joe Mauer

Pretty much the first round draft pick of this box. It's nice to nail down a tough position.

First Base - James Loney

With the massive numbers of Pujols and Howards being pulled, James better learn to hit 30 homers real quick or I'm screwed.

Second Base - Brian Roberts

Solid second sacker shouldn't suck, surely?

Shortstop - Garrett Jones

Yep, Garrett Jones is my shortstop. It says right there on the card, short stop. It even says SS up at the top so no one's confused.  I didn't pull a shortstop from my box so Garrett took some extra fielding practice and got moved over. Read the rules, this is perfectly legal. The 1981 clause pays dividends!

Third Base - Brandon Inge

I wonder if Garrett can play third too. Just sort of run back and forth real quick between short and third. It just might work.

Outfield #1 - Nelson Cruz

Had the breakout season in '09, let's see if he can do it again.

Outfield #2 - Adam Jones

Anyone else compelled to call this guy Pac-Man? He needs a snappy nickname to get that awful connection out of my brain. A-Jon ain't gonna cut it.

Outfield #3 - Jason Kubel

Has anyone figured out if the new Snowout Stadium in Minnesota is a homer happy bandbox like the BaggieDome? It would be just my luck if it turned into a pitcher's paradise.

The Bench:

Catcher #2 - Ryan Doumit

Should be good if he can stay healthy. He'll be dealt by the deadline anyway.

Corner infield - Jorge Cantu

The cartoon on the back states that Jorge shaved his strikeouts by
thirty last year. He also shaved his homers by 13. I'm rooting for
Jorge to strike out more this year.

Middle infield - Juan Uribe

HEY! Howcome Garrett Jones is my starting shortstop when I pulled Juan Uribe?? Because it says infield on the front Of Juan's card... not shortstop. And because I can. Besides, Garrett is already scribbled upon so let's just keep him there. Just to be fair, I'll run it by the commish.

ME: Hey commish!

COMMISH: Yeeeeeesssss....

ME: I pulled Juan Uribe whose position is 'infield' but I want to use
Garrett Jones as my shortstop, 'zat cool?

COMMISH: Did you scribble 'shortstop' on Garrett's card?

ME: Of course...

COMMISH: Did you scribble it on the back too?

ME: Damn skippy. I updated the stats and drew a kingly mustache on the
cartoon too.

COMMISH: Very good. 1981 rule applied perfectly. Carry on...

ME: But what about Uribe, he can play short, it says so on the cartoon
on the back.

COMMISH: Does it say shortstop on the front?

ME: No.

COMMISH: Then screw Juan Uribe and the horse he rode in on. Now if
you'll excuse me, I have needs to perform many acts of commishery.

See, it's perfectly legal. ALL HAIL THE COMMISH.

Outfield #4 - Rajai Davis


Utility - Alex Rios

I sure hope Alex doesn't suck again this year...

The pitching Staff:

Pitcher #1 - Adam Wainwright

I hate JD Drew.

Pitcher #2 - Josh Beckett

No slacking after your extension, Josh.

Pitcher #3 - Johan Santana

Aw crap, now I have to root for a stinkin' Met.

Pitcher #4 - Josh Johnson

Aw crap, now I have to root for a stinkin' Fish.

Pitcher #5 - John Lackey

Anyone else sick of the Red Sox?

Pitcher #6 - Jeff Niemann

The choice between Jeff and Scott Kazmir was the second toughest decision I had when building this lineup. Luckily Scott got hurt again in spring training and made it a little easier on me.

Pitcher #7 - Mariano Rivera MVP SP

Choosing between SP Rivera and Insert Ichiro for my one premium player was the toughest. I eventually decided that it was not worth completely punting on saves just to upgrade Alex Rios to Ichiro. After looking over several teams that struck out on closers I think I made the right choice.

Bonus cards:

Team - Detroit Tigers

They probably won't win 100 games but they won't lose 100 either. Maybe  I can pick up a point with these guys.

Manager - John Russell

Both my managers head up terrible teams so it was a choice between who
gets fired first. I chose John last weekend and then started seeing
articles online about Dave Tremblay being on the hot seat right and
left. Oh well. 


Kevin said...

Some of us O's fans simply call Adam "Dr. Jones". You know, like, "No time for love, Dr. Jones, we got a baseball game!".

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

With John Russell as your manager, does that mean that your pitcher will be batting in the 8-hole, too?

Anonymous said...

The Commish seems awful accommodating.

IkesCards said...

May want to rethink Roberts. He's had a bad back all spring and just went on the DL today for a strained abdominal.

dayf said...

Kevin: Dr. Jones it is!

Ike: My roster is locked. Besides it's Roberts or Chris Getz.

Wombat: Commish is a righteous dude.