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Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Current Brave #1

It's Opening Day!!!! Right now!!!! and I'm stuck at work so I had to schedule this Post to coincide with the firt pitch!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!1 Here's some Mac to mark the greatest day in the world.

These Topps206 relics looks really slick. It's odd that the jersey cards are a lot tougher to find than the autographs in that set. A lot tougher for me, anyway. I've pulled three autos (two redemptions) and this Mac here is the first relic from the set I've actually seen in person. It was five bucks at Atlanta Sports cards so I just had to let it follow me home. Can I keep it ma? It's so cute and I'll take care of it...

Chipper's the face of the franchise, but Brian is the leader of the team. Here's to another All-Star appearance in 2010 and maybe that MVP trophy that McCann is going to win one of these days. I think this is my first relic card of the Braves' horrifically unlucky blue alternate jerseys. I am all for cutting those things to shreds.

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