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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Random Vintage Brave #1

Since baseball is finally here (Well, ESPN baseball at least) but the Braves aren't playing today, here's a random vintage Bravo to get us through the night.

Well, not completely random. Nothing is completely random. Even if I closed my eyes and pulled a card out of a box without looking, I still put all those cards in that box for a reason sometime. The is only random because I haven't posted it before and it was on top of a pile on my desk.

Got it from Collective Troll in that package he sent before things got all sucky. I already had the card for my Braves team set, but this one will go live with the rest of my 1964 cards. Weird thing about me and '64s, I initially didn't like them when I first discovered them as a kid. Mainly because of those atrocious pink backs. Why would you do that to a baseball card? The fronts look good though, and when the 1986 Topps set came out that had the similar team name on top motif I became a fan and picked up a bunch of them. I still have more cards from this set than any other set from the '60s.


Jonathan said...

I bet you cant wait for 2013 Topps Vintage...

Jeremy said...

I love the trivia question on the back. The childlike wonder of a vintage card never ceases to amaze me.