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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Brave #3

I need to figure out a better title for this series.

Look at this shiny card. The's Dufex right there, baby. Dufex. '90s incarnate. That sucker is so shiny you don't even notice the logo is airbrushed out. That's right, non-licensed '90s. Awwwww yeaaaaah. What the heck is this thing? Look at the logo on the bottom left corner. Church's. back in the day, you got cards with your chicken. And the card is so shiny that even if you grease it all up after eating your delicious chicken you could just wipe it clean.

There oddballs were available as a promotion at Church's Chicken back in 1994. With the purchase of a box of chicken or for 69 cents, you got a pack of 4 Hometown Heroes cards. These Show Stoppers were a one in four packs insert card. Dufex oddballs! Utter madness! These were made by Pinnacle but only had the MLBPA license for some reason. I normally prefer Popeyes, but I'd eat the hellout of some Church's chicken if I could get a pack of cards. For some unexplained reason you never ever see these sort of oddballs nowadays. I wonder why? Oh yeah, it's because the hobby went out of control, jacked up the prices of everything while overproducing the crap out of it, ran off all the kids who took solace in Pokemon, forgot their humble roots as advertising ephemera, and successfully ran off all competition so we're back to a monopoly. Man I wish we could still get cards at fast food joints*. Well, actually we can, they'll just have pictures of You-Gi-Ohs and Pokemons and Twilights on them. Blech. 

* Yes, hosers, we all know you can still get packs of Hockey cards at McDonald's up in the frozen north. I live in Atlanta. We have no hockey down here. 


Captain Canuck said...

what about the Flames?.... ooohhhh. right. sorry 'bout that.

paulie3jobs said...

3 words, Hostess Baseball Cards. We had a Hostess discount store in the town I worked in. 10 packs of the baseball cupcakes with 3 cards in a pack for like $2.

I'm still feeling the sugar rush from all those cupcakes.

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