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Monday, April 26, 2010

Transmogrifier Unstuck

Previously, I stated that I was not entering another code into the Topps Yo Momma Transmogrifier until the Recently Unlocked Cards section showed no Hall of Famers from 1986-1989. As a result, I didn't enter in a single code for over a month despite checking the site daily. However, a little over a week ago I saw a breakthrough...

Frankly, this stunned me. After weeks of junk wax HOFers, I finally hit the conditions needed for me to risk one of my three remaining codes. Now, this mix sure wasn't ideal by any means. Three of ten are crap from the past ten years. There was a Hall of Famer that just barely missed my self imposed ban range. Ther was a junk wax '87 Topps card,but Fred Lynn is only getting in the Hall if he buys a ticket. The two cards from the '50s clinched it. After weeks of waiting it was time to redeem a code. This was the result.

Oy Gevalt.

Is Mark Prior completely out of baseball or is he working on another comeback? Wherever he is, this code was a waste of pixels. This combined with my utter failure to trade for a 1989 Mark Lemke gave me Yo Momma Malaise. Every time I checked during the past week I saw bad junkwax and 21st century cards everywhere. Bleargh. Then this morning I got a comment from Play at the Plate informing me that Eisner threw the Late '60s/Early '70s switch on the ol' Mogger. I checked, figuring that this was a 2AM tease that will ultimately go nowhere and I'd see more junk. Instead I saw it spititng out vintage as advertised. I threw caution to the wind and was rewarded.


My faith in the Transmogrifier has been restored. Actually it hasn't. Now I know for certain that if I wait long enough I'll hit a '50s streak and cash in. But I now have faith that I can cash in if I wait long enough. This is especially important because I only have one code left to tide me over until series two comes out. The '60s run is still in effect as of this posting if you want to go for it.  I had never actually stuck around long enough to see a card I received show up on the recent cards list so I refreshed until I saw this:

Interesting. If I had seen that comment just a little bit later than I did, I might have a '93 Smoltz right now. Nothing wrong with that. A little later still and I could have had a '63 rookie card of Ray Culp. Still, you can't go wrong with Cookie. Especially that one with Cookie leaping to pull off the double play with the scoreboard in the background. The Royals were getting spanked, it appears. Nope, can't complain about this one. Well, other than now I want to get more codes. Dangit, Topps. You win again.


dfwbuck2 said...

i've got the culp!!! it's the error version that says "1962" according to the number, but there is no picture of the card...someone is offering a '58, a '72 rollie fingers and about ten other cards for the 29b version...i wish you could try and make a deal for multiple cards cause i would offer my card for that deal...

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the transmogrifier thingy with all pre-1970s cards in quite awhile. Me thinks they got wise to it and we are now chancing it all for that great unknown 60s player.

Play at the Plate said...

I'm glad you were able to get a Cookie...I love cookies. AND now I need another code to have for that '50s run you mentioned. Bring on Series 2.