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Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Dinged Corners reminded me about Free Comic Book Day tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to work. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the three closest ones to my work are all about a half hour away, making a lunch break trip to one difficult. Truly unfortunate is the fact that my work schedule almost exactly coincides with most comic shop's business hours. Downright heartbreaking is the fact that Fantagraphics is giving away a Jim Woodring comic.

I could go all sour grapey and mutter about how the comic shops near me never have free Fantagraphics comics on FBCD, but I had already planned a trip to Atlanta Sports cards to pick a few things off some lists tomorrow. If you like comics or just free schtuff, go find a shop near you and cash in.


thewritersjourney said...

I'm going. I won't get any sleep, but I'm going.

dc said...

cj, we went to both the comic shops in our area (yes, there are only two...exactly two more than there are card shops) to find this but NEITHER had it. one had every single other comic on the list, and we asked and we were there when they opened. :( i'm sorry we failed you. :(

IkesCards said...

We walked by a comic book shop this afternoon. They were giving three comic books per person. Isaac took home three Hulk related ones, his sister took home the only one with a girl on the cober.

dayf said...

Don't sweat it dc, I've been going to these things since they started and I have yet to see a single free Fantagraphics comic anywhere. I think they give away 6 comics in a single store in Seattle just so they can claim to be in the promotion.