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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Free Money and Sex

No one seems to be interested in my Random Braves posts so I thought a new title might draw some interest. This one is current Brave #5, if you're keeping track.

This isn't strictly a Braves card, but it's a card of a Braves player. Brooks Conrad beat out Joe Thurston this spring for the last bench spot on the roster. I don't think he actually had a card of him in a Braves uniform (Well, maybe Gwinnett Braves) so a Bowman Chrome First Year refractor will have to do.

I'm so used to the Braves bringing up home grown talent that I was surprised to find out that Brooks started off in the Astros organization and has bounced all over the place since then. He's done a pretty good job off the bench for the Bravos. Last year he got off to a great start when he was called up and was getting extra base hits right and left. Brooks knocked himself another double last night coming off the bench. After suffering through a few Chris Woodwards off the bench in recent years I must say I'm happy with Brooks at the moment. 


gritz76 said...

You owe me some free money and sex damnit!

Captain Canuck said...

uhhh.... I'll just take the money?

one thing for sure... you hit count from search engines is going to skyrocket.

DaveH said...

Sure beats Greg Norton. Brooks has some wheels too.