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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Air Mails stamps are the coolest stamps

This is a five cent air mails stamp from 1928!! They barely had planes back then and most of them crashed!@

Airm ails stamps are the coolest stamps because they have planes on them. This is the best od the stamps because it is old (1928) (airlines didn't even esist back then if you wantted to fly somewhere you had to build the plaen yourself and learn to fly real quick and not crash. Flying was dangerous!!! not like today except for people who but bomps intheir underwear which happens more often now that a democrat is in office but I still fly because AMERICA RULES and we are safe.

Old stamps are best and the ones with 2 colors on them are even better! That looks so cool! it it liks a red frame arouns a pickture. This picture is my favorie because it reminds me of the old Activision game Barnstorming do you remember that game? You were the pilot and you had to fly over the tall towers (like the one on this stamp!) and then down into the barns or you lost points and didn't win. I played alot so I usually won. That was not my favotire Activision game even though Activision were my favorite games my favorite was Ice Hockey because I learned a cool move where I went one way an then the other real quick and shot the puck against the wall and I would always score! I won a lot of ice hockey games and played skiiing too.

I really like this stamp not only is the stamp cool but the cancelling is really neat! It says LYWOOD ATION which could stand for Hollywood! and nation which doesn't make much sense because Hollywood is a city not a nation maybe it says carnation because there are a lot of flowers in Califrona and Hollywood has movie stars who drink diet breakfast shaeks so they dont get fat . That is why I like this stamp is the best.


Tunguska said...

I am sooooooooo looking forward to reading the blogs today!!

BTW, you owe me a new keyboard. You made me spit out my coffee onto this one.

Play at the Plate said...

I think it says Hollywood Station. Or maybe Bollywood Mastication. And I think it is purdy. But not as purdy as the upside down airplane stamp.

ernest of canada said...

yea, the upside down airplane stamp is my favourite of all stamps ever except maybe the three penny beaver.

jwchil said...

have you ever seen the paper airplane that went with Activisions Barnstorming game? It punched out and went together like paper dolls. it is yellow and black with a rainbow tail section.