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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interesting things for an afternoon

Quickly now...

Chicle is Live. Apparently there is a Babe Ruth jersey relic in the set. I shall be contacing my suppliers to inquire about obtaining some arty goodness today.

Tribe Cards is giving away Strat-O-Matic games. I'm a Statis-Pro fan meself, but I will be entering the contest regardless.

The Worst autograph tourney is ready to launch - I'll post more details when there are more details to post, um. yeah.



dayf said...

One more item for your concideration:


Bobby Cox is a Hall of Famer the nanosecond he hangs up the cleats, but this is just plain stupid. You keep taking pitches J-Hey.

dayf said...

Update on Natl. Chicle:

Champion Sports cards has it for $90 a box, Atlanta Sports cards for $95.

I only have $80 saved up because it was SUPPOSED to release on May 12.


Matt P. said...

Thanks for the Ueck shout-out. At least the Crew was able to send him off with a sweep and two great saves from Trevor Hoffman...

Oh. Right.


Anonymous said...

A great free site similiar to Strat-O_Matic and Statis Pro is www.pennantchase.com.