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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Horrible autographs!

One tournament endeth. Another begins. Thus is the circle of bloggery.

Drew's Cards was inspired by Stale Gum's (not mine) Tournament of Gimmickry and decided to do their own tournament, Derek Jeter won the gimmick contest so now it's time to crown an awful autograph champ. Drew is taking nominations now on the worst signatures ever to grace a hit. Instead of just posting a few suggestions in a comment, I decided to go through my autos and find some worthy contestants. I found quite a few, ten are listed here. I thought it would be fun to make you all guess what these scribbly messes are instead of just blurting them out though.

Here are ten autographs. You may have seen some of them before on Auto-Matic for the People (now under new, brilliant management). Guess in the comments who scribbled out these travesties. You won't win anything for guessing right, but you will have a bucket of pride and I may even create a MSPaint masterpiece commemorating your victory. They are not all baseball autos. At least one sig is from someone who never played in the bigs. See what you can figure out, it'll be fun! I'll announce the answers later this week.











Happy guessing!!!


Offy said...

Isn't #3 Joquain Arais? I've owned one of his autograph cards and I think there was even less to it, but I don't recall ever seeing anyone else put their autograph in parenthesis.

RWH said...

#7 has to be Chone Figgins. I have purchased and traded for a few too many of those.

Play at the Plate said...

I got a little sick looking at those.

Sean Benton said...

I was gonna guess #9 to be Milton Bradley, but seeing as how Wikipedia says his middle name is Obelle, it wouldn't quite match up.

Tim said...

I do not know which is worse: Seeing your Grandmother naked on your bed clipping her toenails or seeing those signatures. AYE AYE AYE

Matt F. said...

Hey, I've got a 1/1 of #5! I hate to ruin the fun for everyone guessing...#5 never played in the majors.

Captain Canuck said...

I call shenanigans on #5

madding said...

Guessing (and thinking) hurts my brain, but I think I want to punch whoever signed #9 in the face. (That is, unless that person is a 7-year old, which would make more sense.)

night owl said...

I don't do guessing games after work. Maybe I'll try again about noon tomorrow.

Dan said...

#1 looks like "Mr. Bill."

Peterson said...

1, daric Barton
2, jokim Soria
3, miguel Montero
6. Darrell Rassner
7. Chone figgins
9. milton bradley

for a first look (no peeking at comments...) I am not impressed with my recollection...

Cardsplitter said...

Man, those are easy;

1. 7BL
2. Artal
3. J. D. Drew (maybe?)
4. JL
5. Ui 9L
6. Don Zl
7. Clfw:)
8. YJ
9. MBJ
10. DLB#21

They were all signed by robots.

Roy said...

8 looks similar to Dexter Fowler, but might be a fake Dexter.

dayf said...

Half have been guessed correctly. I'm not sayin' which half.

PunkRockPaint said...

I know #5... I have never received one of these autos before. I hope to some day. You readin' this (SG since '98)???

Laurens said...

#5 - Chris Harris?

Anonymous said...

I've seen worse, hehe: Vernand Morency, comes to mind. Nate Davis...Lorenzo Booker. Granted, those are all football guys.

RoofGod said...

Hey I thought I had the 1/1 auto of #5. Who do I have to complain to in order to rectify that situation?