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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Vintage Brave #3

How the hell do you give up 17 runs to the Padres?? And what's up with the Tuesday off days? Oy. I need a vintage Brave, stat.

Allll Riiiiight. Giggety

I'm not a big fan of 1966 Topps. The design is boring, the pink backs are ugly, and the whole set looks kind of cheap.  Braves cards are even worse. Each team gets their own color for the team and name bars and the Braves got stuck with lavender. 1966 is the Braves' first year in Atlanta - which is cool - but as a result just about every single Brave card until you get to the high series is hatless. Well, other than the Eddie Mathews which has one of the most butchered logo airbrush jobs in history. So by the time you get to good looking cards with A's on the hat they are all scarce and expensive as hell. Twenty bucks for a Chi Chi Oliva card? no thanks.

Clay Caroll's perfectly triangular head with the surf's up wave in the hairdo makes up for '66 Topps' shortfalls. The only way this card could be better is if I could see the hot chick that Clay is scoping out to his left. Take a gander at Clay's expression. There's no way he's not engaging in some 'beaver shooting' as Jim Bouton so delicately put it. Hopefully the Bravos can go out to the beach and get a little target practice of their own in to take their mind off of that travesty yesterday.


Captain Canuck said...

I'm disappointed that one of your tag labels for this post was not "beaver shooting"


and btw, illegal in Canada, although for the uh, other meaning.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Did someone say Beaver shooting?

jacobmrley said...

Carroll looks like jack nicholson in the later parts of the shining in this picture...