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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1953 Topps Joe Dobson

Card #5
Joe Dobson
Chicago White Sox
  • Played 14 seasons in the majors - 9 with the Red Sox, 2 with the Indians and 3 with the White sox.
  • Missed the 1944 and 1945 seasons due to military service. 
  • Was an all-Star in 1948 aftergoing 18-8 the season before.
  • Lost his thumb and finger at age 9 while playing with dynamite. 

The man's nickname was "Burrhead" according to Wikipedia and BR.com. Really? Burrhead? The man blew himself up and liked it so I'm not going to argue. Topps sidesteps the issue and refers to him as the more generic "Dobby". Joe was a pretty damn good pitcher for the Red Sox for many years before moving on to the Pale Hose. Joe finished out his career back with the Red Sox in 1953, but I'm glad this first series card pictures him with his 1952 club. That old style flying sock logo is brilliant. Of course the Red Sox Sock Monster is pretty good in its own right. This is the third card in the set where the background is fluffy clouds and nothing else. Maybe I should keep track of that sort of thing.

Tiny little people bravely playing baseball inside an El Smoko cigar box as the lid teeters mere moments before crashing down upon them and plunging the game into total darkness until uncle Leo decides it's time for a smoke is one of the most fantastic things you will see today, guaranteed.


    Hackenbush said...

    Card back cartoons are underrated. That's definitely a good one.

    Andy said...

    I'd never realized cards were ever made with the autograph running across the text on the back. It's brilliant.