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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day Victory Feast

B-Mac hit his third opening day homer, J-Hey is one home run closer to passing Bonds and Jair Jurrjens is cussing a blue streak because Lowe stole all his run support again as the Braves beat the hated Cubs! To celebrate I gorged on a feast of pizza (Grand Slam, of course) beer and three packs of cards. I enjoyed them all while watching the replay of the game on Sports South. Here are the packs:

2009 Topps206

 255 AJ Pierzynski
147 Fernando Perez RC
Christy Mathewson NNO SP
224 Roy Campanella Piedmont Mini
131 Kosuke Fukudome Bronze
80 Jim Thome

I like this set and there are packs of it everywhere. Got lucky with a short print that I don't have. Of course Campy and Christy make any pack a winner.

2010 Topps Heritage

29 Reid Gorecki RC
95 Miguel Cabrera
53 Jason Varitek
148 Chris Getz
247 Casey Blake
TN3 Then & Now Al Kaline & Joe Mauer
255 Jordan Zimmerman
440 Edinson Vazquez SP

Two packs, two SPs. I have half the pack but it was worth it just to finally see that Reid Gorecki is no longer wasting a Brave card. I have no patience for pulling Braves prospects that barely played for the team, especially when they are in every single set produced.

2010 Opening Day

Yeah, I know. What the hell, it's opening day.

10 Felipe Lopez
26 Eric Young Jr.
81 Coco Crisp Blue Parallel
TTS8 Jay Bruce ToppsTown Code
70 Jeff Niemann
46 John Garland
94 Kelly Shoppach

The complete and utter lack of any major star in this pack allows me to pretend it was actually a pack of Topps Total. I realized after the fact that I took a picture of the ToppsTown code. Well, I wouldn't want any of you ne'er-do-wells to steal my code so I guess I'll just have to redeem the thing.


Brad Lidge
Brandon Phillips
Mark Buehrle
Nick Markakis
Johnny Damon
Mark Teixeira
Asdrubal Cabrera
Yadier Molina

I just spent an hour messing with this site and I still don't know what the hell is going on. I need another beer.


Anonymous said...

So strange, I too had pizza (though it was jalapeno and mushroom) and a couple packs of cards (though they were basketball), to celebrate the shellacking put upon me beloved Cubbehs. Opening day is a harsh mistress... :/

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Maybe I shoulda had some beer too?

Jonathan said...

I also spent way too much time on the Toppstown site. The games are too hard to play. Or maybe I'm just too old.

Verification word: dieshiz

Anonymous said...

That pizza is lookin' good.