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Saturday, April 10, 2010

1953 Topps Bob Borkowski

Card #7
Bob Borkowski
Cincinnati Reds
  • Played 6 seasons in the majors - 3 years with the Reds, two with the Cubs and one with the Dodgers.
  • Won the 1949 Southern Association batting title in 1949 with a .376 average.
  • Played 9 games for the 1955 World Champion Dodgers.
  • Received a set of golf clubs from Topps after signing a contract to appear in their 1952 card set. 

How many American flags do you see on cards? I'm not talking about in the design. I'm not talking about an American flag background on every card, holofoil stars and stripes all over the joint, parallel sets with flags on them, little American flag logos in the corner for no apparent reason, every single card set from 2002. I'm talking an American flag, on a pole, in the background, hanging out in the breeze like flags do. This card has a nice normal American flag on it and that's what makes it so cool.

Other cool things about this card: Fake ads on the wall behind Bob, big grin, a 50's card with Reds and not Redlegs, Vilirian, an Alexander Cartwright reference.

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    Bo said...

    I wasn't actively collecting new cards in 2002 - I never realized that about the flags! That certainly is true for Topps and Fleer that year, at least.