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Thursday, April 15, 2010

1953 Topps Jackie Robinson Reprint

Card #1
Jackie Robinson
Brooklyn Dodgers
Second Base
  • Integrated the Major Leagues on April 15, 1947.
  • You know who Jackie is.
  • Seriously, people in remote tribes in the Amazon know who Jackie is.
  • This isn't even a real 1953 Topps card anyway.

I could have had this card for 25 bucks back in 1987 but I passed it up like a dumbass. Now I have to resort to showing off a Yo Momma card for my 1953 set because my Completeness OCD has taken over. This is a pretty dang Iconic card right here. It's not his rookie, it's not his first Topps card, but it's probably his best looking card put out during his playing days. The smile on Jackie's face, the B logo on the hat, the facade in the background that could be Ebbets field, or maybe the Roman Colosseum, the red (??) Dodgers logo meshing with the black name box at the bottom. It's a very well designed card and a perfect beginning to the '53 set. 

I was originally not going to do reprints in this series, but since it was the anniversary of Integration Day I decided what the heck. Besides, I'm never going to get my hands on the entire set anyway, I'll have to sell both kidneys to be able to afford the Mantle or Mays. Between various reprint sets and Topps Archives I should be able to rustle up images for all 274 cards. If I can't find a reprint, then maybe I'll just have to pony up for the original instead.

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