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Friday, April 2, 2010

The 2010 Topps Heritage Blaster Fantasy League Competitors

Ok ya'll. This here is the first listing of Blaster League managers. If you have ripped a blaster and created a team, let me know in the comments so I can add you to the updated post a few days from now. 

Some important clarifications:

You do NOT have to make a video. If you want to, go for it. If you don't, don't. I just need some documentation of the blaster rip, be it in video, pictures, or text.

You do NOT have to buy a blaster. Eight packs, be it retail or hobby is sufficient. Blasters offer two advantages: they are slightly cheaper, and no RuthMantleMaris cards.

You do NOT have to have the team ready by opening day, the deadline is April 18th, and if you did one on the 19th, I couldn't stop you anyway. 

You do NOT have to freak out about not being able to join the fantasy league, If you put in the time and effort to rip, document and create a blaster team you're in. 20 team limit is rescinded.

You cannot use the Chase Utley World Series Highlight card for your second basemen. The Damn Yankees won so all World Series Highlights are banned from my league. You CAN however utilize my One Insert or SP rule which Thorzul cruelly ignored and use Gordon Beckham as your second baseman. OR you could scribble out the position on Thome or one of the other cards you didn't use and write in Second Base. Totally up to you


You do NOT have to buy eight packs of 2010 Heritage if you hate it and it sucks and Topps should have pulled the plug on this crap and it's the worst set ever bleargh.  You can buy eight packs or one blaster of ANY Topps Heritage Base set* (no High #s) from 2001-2010 and build your team with them. Don't whine at me when your big stars in the box are Barry Bonds, Jeff Bagwell, Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens. Mix and match years, I don't care. Just don't do this.

Ok,  here's the list of people who have their teams ready. Notice I am not on this list yet.

McCann Can Triple - Rip post - Team post.

Jeffrey Wolfe - Rip post - Team Post.

HamRamMobTown - Rip post - Team post.

Play at the Plate - Rip and Team post.

Punk Rock Paint - Rip and Team post.

Thorzul - Rip and Team post.

DogFacedGremlin - Rip and Team post.

CynicalBuddha - Rip and Team post.

Not quite there yet:

Cardsplitter - Rip post

Me - Rip post

ZMan - Rip post

DavidJ - Rip Post (team in comments)

I checked one more time for links before hitting post and didn't find any. If you've done a team and e-mailed me and posted a comment and FedExed me your cards and threw rocks at my window to get my attention I just didn't see it. Leave a comment here with the link please.

* Note: 2002 Topps Heritage Blasters have 10 packs instead of 8. In the incredibly unlikely event someone finds one on eBay just to use for this game you can't use the whole blaster, just 8 packs chosen beforehand.


TJ said...


night owl said...

Hmmm, I like the new Night Owl rule. I may follow it.

Off to find some old packs of Heritage somewhere ...

davidj said...

My team name is "Pepper" (per my captcha)

Team card: Los Angeles Dodgers
Manager: Joe Torre
Stadium: The Berlin Wall (Card NF8)

C: Brandon Inge, Ramon Hernandex
**Inge is listed as a 3B. If he is not eligible at C anymore, then Varitek is my second catcher.
1B: Adrian Gonzalez
2B: Aki
3B: Beckham (Chrome card)
SS: Rollins
CI: Garret Jones (two Pirates in my lineup??)
SS: Yunel Escobar (I'm a Mets fan, and Rollins & Esco are my SSes...)
OF: Nelson Cruz, Adam Jones, Raul Ibanez, Jeff Francoeur
U: Ichiro ("All Star Card" - #487 - I am allowed one of these, right?)

My rotation:
Scott Kazmir
Cole Hamels
Dan Haren
Josh Johnson
Jon Niese
Adam Wainwright
Ricky Nolasco

My video will be here soon: http://vimeo.com/10647003 (right now it is encoding)

zman40 said...

I finally have my rip up. I will get my team posted tomorrow.

cynicalbuddha said...

Hey Dayf, Here's the link to my rip. http://collectorscrack.blogspot.com/2010/04/2010-heritage-blaster-break-and.html

And here is my lineup as well I didn't know if you wanted posted here as well so what the hell it's just copy and paste.
Jason Varitek - Catcher
Dioner Navarro - Catcher
JJ Hardy - Shortstop
Ryan Howard - 1st base
Nick Punto - 2nd base
Ryan Zimmerman - 3rd base
Kosuke Fukudome - Outfield
Johnny Damon - Outfield
Ryan Braun- Outfield
Kevin Youkilis- Corner Infielder
Jose Reyes- Middler Infielder
Matt LaPorta - Outfielder
Garrett Jones - Utility
Jarrod Washburn- Pitcher
Jake Peavy- Pitcher
Joe Saunders - Pitcher
James Shields - Pitcher
Josh Johnson - Pitcher
Paul Maholm - Pitcher
Tommy Hanson - Pitcher

only one more dayish to go. Oh and got my blaster from the Target no one in Anchorage seems to know about as all the shelves were still full of stuff and packs weren't picked over.

madding said...

Attempt number two to purchase a blaster will occur tomorrow afternoon. I could have bought 8 loose (and manhandled) retail packs last night, but I didn't want to do it out of principles.

dayf said...

TJ: yes, it is his weekend. What's your point?

AdamE said...


Greg said...

Here's my team, I think it turned out pretty well.


Chris Mays said...

I've got my rip up at http://madduxglavinesmoltz.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-heritage-blaster-fantasy-team-rip.html.

I'm going to celebrate my anniversary and I'll have my team picked in the morning.

Anonymous said...

http://bit.ly/9RLErF There it is, like a picture book!

Bengie Molina (catcher)
Russell Martin (catcher)
Kevin Youkilis (1st base)
Robinson Cano (2nd base)
Elvis Andrus (shortstop)
David Wright (3rd base)
Colby Rasmus (outfield)
Carl Crawford (outfield)
Ryan Braun (outfield)
Prince Fielder (corner, 1st base)
Erick Aybar (middle, shortstop)
Johnny Damon (outfielder)
Gordon Beckham (utility, DH)
Mariano Rivera (pitcher)
Zack Greinke (pitcher)
Joba Chamberlain (pitcher)
Homer Bailey (pitcher)
Andy Pettite (pitcher)
Wandy Rodriguez (pitcher)
Ricky Romero (pitcher)

Team: Minnesota Twins
Manager: Joe Girardi

PunkRockPaint said...

In lieu of going the season without a 2B, I will put the punk in "punk ass bitch" and change my Utley to Beckham.

I now wish I would have recorded my rap. It had a great line about my new nemesis:

What's the point of rap if I don't start some beef.
So lyrically I'm gonna punch Bill Boehm in his teef.
Thorzul may rule, he said cut back on the throttle
but you can't put a genie back into his bottle

I gotta stack full-a Bip that's ready to ship
my man Beardy got a box and he didn't trip
Check yo mailboxes, Bip Roberts is comin
dam's gonna break, don't matter if your thumbs in

on second thought, I am sooooo glad I didn't put that shit on YouTube!

mmosley said...

Here's my video and team.

I'll get my prize contribution together this week.


madding said...

Blaster break posted. Team not picked yet.


Jay said...

2010 Topps Heritage Blaster Baseball League
OK, blaster bought, busted, and sorted. First off, Dayf, big fan of cardboard junkie. I've been a loyal reader for about a year. Second, ever since I seriously collected (1987 Topps), I've always broken packs into teams. A box of '87 topps broke nicely into 9 teams of 4 packs (68 cards) and my friends and I matched that up with '87 Strat-o-matic. Anyway........

Pack 1
367 Y. Betancourt
278 L. Durango
444 J. Duchscherer (kids must have had a field day with this name)
230 C. Figgins (topps has replaced bad airbrushing with bad photoshop)
385 H. Matsui (see C. Figgins)
356 D. Haren (I've gotten this guy in everything I've ever opened!)
300 H. Ramirez
390 M. LaPorta

Pack 2
238 B.J. Upton
168 C. Coghlan (sweet trophy!)
73 N. McLouth
188 A. Gonzalez (future Red Sox er, Red Sock? uh.....stupid olde tymey team name)
206 L. Berkman
192 G. Laird
450 U. Jiminez
144 J. Niese

Pack 3
329 M. Napoli
79 A.J. Pierzynski
TN5 Mantle/Gonzalez
19 A. Rodriguez (as a Sox fan I hate him, but as a fantasy owner......)
174 C. Stammen
275 J. Lannan
355 B. Zobrist
416 G. Parra

Pack 4
244 I. Suzuki (this isn't world cup soccer. first and last names on my team)
258 D. Holland
375 R. Nolasco
297 Oakland Athletics
178 M. Holliday
337 Ozzie's Aces
143 D. DeJesus (jou don't @#$% with DeJesus-Jesus Quintana)
472 I. Suzuki 2001 MVP

Pack 5
394 E. Bonifacio
11 A. Wainwright
419 M. Saunders
305 B. Bergesen
411 Core Four (who photoshopped this? Michael Scott?)
224 B. Geren (ouch! You may have wanted a retake on that picture Bobby)
193 D. Matsuzaka (worst. signing. ever.)
98 Checklist

Pack 6
296 H. Kuroda
252 D. Uggla
93 R. Ibanez
400 B. McCann
345 N. Swisher
50 A.L. Strikeout Leaders
146 J. Willingham
16 C. Buchholz

Pack 7
83 R. Porcello
360 V. Guerrero (safety dance)
349 J. Guillen
374 B. Hawpe
391 M. Mora (there's no crying in baseball!)
371 V. Martinez
225 M. Sciosca
158 J. Bard (safety dance)

Pack 8
112 A. Everett (once traded for Jurassic Carl Everett. mmmmmm......trivia)
103 J. Rollins
183 F. Lopez
62 N. Markakis
261 D. Ortiz (PAPI!!!!!)
173 Boston Speed Party (favorite card in box. useless for this contest)
BF1 Roger Maris (cool card)
4 D. Young

There it is. I actually have much more talent than I expected. Can we make trades before 4/18/10 ? I'm willing to deal McCann, McLouth, or Markakis (meant to be said in tantalizing sing-songy voice for Braves and O's fans) for a closer. Photos of blaster break to follow.

Jay said...

Your 2010 Spillensoda Twins
After more thought than anyone should put into a team..........

C Victor Martinez
1B Adrian Gonzalez
2B Dan Uggla
3B Alex Rodriguez
SS Hanley Ramirez
OF Ichiro Suzuki
OF Matt Holliday
OF Nick Markakis
OF Nate McLouth
MI Jimmy Rollins
CI Lance Berkman
UP David Ortiz
C Brian McCann
P Dan Haren
P Ubaldo Jiminez
P Ricky Nolasco
P Adam Wainwright
P Clay Buchholz
P Rick Porcello
P Hiroki Kuroda

I want a closer and I have decent players to offer..........McCann,Figgins,Matsui,Vlad the Impaler, no offer is to ridiculous.

zman40 said...

I've got my team selected.


madding said...

Okay, my team is done:


See the previous post/comment for the break.